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  2. Presented by Allen Public Library, learn the story about a female spy who worked for the CIA and FBI. Listen to a live virtual program presented by Tracy Walder at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, July 23 at https://allentx.swagit.com/live/ . Audience can submit questions until 8:30 p.m., July 23 at liveonstage@cityofallen.org. Tracy Walder brings us her thrilling new book, The Unexpected Spy: From the CIA to the FBI, My Secret Life Taking Down Some of the World’s Most Notorious Terrorists, an audio bestseller. She has been both a counterterrorism Staff Operations Officer with the CIA and an FBI Special Agent specializing in Chinese counterintelligence operations. Tracy Walder is a graduate of USC and Chapman University, an adjunct professor of Criminal Justice at TCU, and sits on the Board of Girl Security. Call 214-509-4911 for further questions.
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  4. Updated Listing Craig's Car Care, Inc.
  5. Do you recall when friends and neighbors sat on the porch and entertained themselves and each other by playing tunes on their own instruments and as well as household objects such as jugs and washboards? Long to relive those days or experience music without batteries or earbuds? Treat yourself to a live virtual concert presented by the E-Flat Porch Band at 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 10, at https://allentx.swagit.com/live/ —it’s sure to boost your spirits and energize the start of your weekend. Rudy Littrell and Duane Brown’s “porch music” is played on acoustic instruments and pays homage to our varied Texas musical roots. Their style is influenced by country blues, Texas folk music, jazz and swing standards, and Depression Era country songwriters. Guitar playing styles include finger picking and slide guitar. Other instruments include the acoustic bass, harmonica, cymbal, and a drum-like instrument of their own design made out of a wooden soda pop box. This is a small band with a big sound--up to eight instruments will be heard simultaneously, along with harmonizing vocals. This concert is free. Call 214-509-4911 for information.
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  7. A $3 million small business grant program is now underway to assist Allen businesses with financial hardships due to COVID-19. Local small businesses impacted by the pandemic are eligible for up to $25,000 in grant funding. View the full article
  8. Italian Villa is a staple of the Allen Community! Great food, great environment, great staff!
  9. My family and I love Boomer Jack's! We are always greeted a friendly staff, and the food is delicious every time. We are so glad they decided to open up in Fairview!
  10. Allen is taking advantage of low interest rates to generate significant savings on taxpayer-funded projects. View the full article
  11. A doctor, financial counselor and a psychologist discuss what it means to live with intent at 4 p.m. Thursday, June 25 at Facebook (@allenpubliclibrary) or AllenCityTV’s https://allentx.swagit.com/live/. Presented by Dr. Shahan Chowdhury, Board Certified Physician, Heena Khan, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Shahmeen Khan, Certified Financial Coach. Recommended for ages 18 and up. No registration required to participate. Recommended for ages 18 and up. Call 214-509-4905 for additional information.
  12. Mark your calendars! The fireworks show takes place on Friday, July 3 at 9:30 p.m. View the full article
  13. An audit of the City of Allen’s water billing practices is reaching its final steps. View the full article
  14. Payment deadlines have been extended until Tuesday, June 16 for customers with a June 15 due date. View the full article
  15. Updated Listing Terrell’s Dry Cleaning
  16. Updated Listing Organicare
  17. Created with local life in mind, a new collaboration of Allen organizations announces concentrated #ShopAllenTX campaign. View the full article
  18. Join Collin County NAACP Branch 6165 for a community conversation with leaders from the City of Allen. View the full article
  19. June 15 is the last day to register to vote in the July 14 Primary Runoff Election. View the full article
  20. Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey is providing insight into the department’s policing philosophy, hiring and training practices, ongoing accountability and more in a special message to the Allen community. View the full article
  21. Blackland Prairie Raptor Join us for a live virtual up-close experience with the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center at 2:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 17. This program will be broadcast on the Allen Public Library’s Facebook page (@allenpubliclibrary) and AllenCityTV’s https://allentx.swagit.com/live/. Learn more about birds of prey, including owls, hawks and falcons. This delightful raptor show is especially for families with elementary age children. Submit your questions to be answered by the presenters to us via email at liveonstage@cityofallen.org or through our the Library’s Facebook page. No registration is required to participate. Call 214-509-4906 for additional information
  22. This year marks the 400th anniversary of Mayflower's sailing to America and the resulting founding of Plymouth Colony by the Pilgrims. Many of the stories of this great adventure stay with us today. One of the best-known passengers on the Mayflower was Miles Standish, commander of the colony’s militia immortalized in the fictional The Courtship of Miles Standish by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Another popular tale recounts the Pilgrims’ shock when an Indian sachem fearlessly strolled into their fledgling campsite and declared the now famous words, “Welcome, Englishmen.” Listen to a live virtual program presented by Judie Allen and Captain James Battles USN at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 25, at https://allentx.swagit.com/live/ Audience can submit questions until 8:30 p.m., June 25 ay 21 at liveonstage@cityofallen.org. A direct descendant of Mayflower passengers William, Alice and Pricilla Mullins, John Alden and Richard Warren, Ms. Allen is the Governor for the Texas Society of Mayflower Descendant and has served the Society as Assistant General to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. In 2020, Judie co-edited the book Gone to Texas – How Mayflower Descendants Got to Texas published by the Texas Society for the 400th Commemoration of the Mayflower voyage. She explains, “The Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants’ goal is to educate and promote an accurate, historical, and sometimes, unromantic account of our amazing Pilgrim ancestors.” Captain Battles, retired Unites States Navy, earned a Ph.D. in Educational Communications and Medical Education. He has served the on faculty of Ohio State University, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, and the Uniformed Services University of the Heath Sciences in Bethesda, MD as a medical educator. While researching family history, Captain Battles discovered that he was a descendant of Mayflower passenger James Chilton. Using his expertise in educational communications, he wrote and produced a video entitled Chilton’s Challenge that tells the story of Chilton and his daughter Mary, which is available on YouTube. Call 214-509-4911 for additional information.
  23. Collin County families and individuals impacted by COVID-19 can now apply online for housing and living assistance grants, part of the Collin CARES recovery plan that provides up to $2,500 in monthly financial assistance to each qualifying household. View the full article
  24. Trade Days and New Season Ticket Appointments View the full article
  25. Updated Listing Webster Mechanical
  26. Updated Listing The Painting Place
  27. Allen is joining 19 other North Texas agencies to create the most connected, smart and resilient region in the country. View the full article
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