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  1. Man, don't get the whole "East - West" thing going again! :laugh1:
  2. Ditto. After having eaten at R&K in the French Quarter several years ago, I was sooo excited when R&K opened here in Allen. I ate there once and was so disappointed that I never went back.
  3. Frozen food cooks fast in the microwave. First off... :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: Secondly... Assuming that it's even possible to serve fried shrimp out of a microwave, does it really matter if it tastes good and you're not paying "fresh seafood" prices?
  4. We went last night before the hockey game. They were able to get us in and out in less than 30 minutes! And the food was good too.
  5. A friend and I have eaten there for lunch at least once a week since it opened and we haven't had any problems. They scored a 99 on their last health inspection.
  6. Somebody showed this to me at work today. http://cityofallen.org/SiteContent/56/documents/Building%20and%20Code/Monthly%20Reports/Health_Scores_Update.pdf A few suprises, and a few that weren't surprises.
  7. What about flame-broiled? :laugh1:
  8. Went to the House Cafe on Friday night. Wasn't impressed. My chicken fried chicken tasted like catfish. Yuck! Also the vegetable selection seemed limited.
  9. I like this term as well. :Twiddle: Now back to the OT. Even though there is one in Plano and McKinney, I was halfway expecting one to open up in one of the villages. As mentioned by a previous poster, and, although I would expect it to fail miserably, I would laugh my rear end off if someone was to open up a male version of the hooters concept.
  10. Ok, would you prefer "extremist evangelical christian activist groups" instead?
  11. I alway thought it was funny that you can serve alcohol at 18 but you can't consume it until 21. You have to love it when the government tries to legislate morality. Now to tie this back into the topic... I'm actually somewhat surprised that the religious-right-wing-nut-jobs haven't tried to get these restaurants classified as sexually oriented businesses in order to shut them down.
  12. Now that we have Whataburger I'm happy! :happydance: :yahoo: :happydance:
  13. I've eaten at In-N-Out in LA and San Diego. Wasn't impressed at either location. I would put it on the same level as Wendy's. Which for me means better than McD and BK but not as good as Whataburger.
  14. Can someone who has eaten at both their original location on Bethany and at the AEV location post as to whether or not the quality/taste of food at the AEV is representative of the food at the original location?
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