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  1. Does anyone have an IRA with Wells Fargo? If so, are you able to get electronic statements? I'm being told by Wells Fargo that they have to send me paper statements via snail mail, and that getting an electronic statement via email isn't an option. They claim a hard copy sitting in my mail box is more secure???
  2. True, but who is to say that the events that led up to said light refraction were not set in motion by a higher being.
  3. Have you forgotten? Patriot Day - 9/11/2018
  4. That's a matter of opinion, but it definitely pushes it closer in that direction.
  5. I like Snappy Salads, but I wouldn't really say they are "healthy". Even on a 1/2 salad, it's real easy for the calorie count to go above 600.
  6. Strictly from a pricing perspective, is there enough room between Market Street's bakery and the Blisses and Buttermilks? That would seem like an awfully small niche to try to operate in. I've never been to a Collin Street Bakery, but they always seem busy when I've driven by one. Personally, what I need is a place that I can go that specializes in meals with between 600 - 800 calories but that have significant enough volume so that I'm not still hungry when finished.
  7. You say that like there could EVER be to many TexMex joints????? LOL
  8. Can't understand places that sell chicken tenders and don't even offer cream gravy???
  9. http://www.wfaa.com/life/army-veterans-dying-wish-is-to-hear-from-you-/457134314
  10. Does anyone know of a dog rescue organization that accepts gently used pet beds? I had to put the last of the dogs down a couple of months ago, and it's time to start moving on. It'd be nice to be able to put them to good use rather than just taking us space in the landfill. I originally had planned on giving them to the city animal shelter, but their website says they don't accept bedding.
  11. Small engine repair / general fix-it shop
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