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  1. I know what you're talking about...the light on top of the tower has not always been white and blinding, it should normally be red I think, but now I can't remember now that it's different.
  2. Tom Thumb did have signs posted at the pumps about no longer having the 3 cent discount, it started on the first I believe. I know for sure the one at Alma and Hedgecoxe did.
  3. C25

    Allen Cafe

    Why are some people so narrow minded? When you go to Allen Cafe and a server seess that you have the coupon, she will let you know that it is not accepted. And thats BEFORE you order anything. There IS a sign under the register, one behind the register on the window and there is usually one on the door unless a frustrated customer decides to take their anger out on it. If a couple of dollars off of a $30 meal makes THAT big of a difference to you, you should just stay at home and cook. =]] People should also respect that Allen Cafe does not honor the coupon. It is their decision, also they were not informed that the coupons were even being printed. It is understandable to get a little frustrated when you first find out about it, however, being rude to the service, as I have seen happen, is completely uncalled for. There are plenty of people who love going to the Cafe because of its good food and affordable prices. If you disagree, find a place that suits your tastes :] However, dont bash on the place in order to make other people not want to try it. I've never had anything but great food and service there. I'll encourage you to eat at Allen Cafe and also Italian Villa! Both restaurants have great service and great food! Let me also remind you that mistakes happen :]]
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