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  1. Now THIS explains why I waited in line forever to get dinner. When I left, the line was still wrapped around the store and running out onto McDermott. I guess I'll have to avoid them on Thursday if this is a regular thing now. (Oh, and can you believe after about five minutes of sitting in the drive-thru line, my three-year-old announced he had to go potty "real bad.") :spin:
  2. Wow - I opened this to expect rave reviews. I LOVE Which Wich, but then again I get the same exact thing everytime I go, and have never strayed from that. Granted, I do think it's expensive for what you get, but I make a point to only eat there on occasion. I like their Pork Tenderloin with cheese and BBQ. I always get extra meat/extra cheese. I've only visited the Galleria location, as I work in the towers here. Sorry you had such a bad experience.
  3. TAdams

    C&B BBQ

    We absolutely love this place. Every year, we host a Labor Day party at the house. Last time, hubby bought a brisket and had the owner smoke it for us. We also purchased some sides. It was a complete hit at the party. I remember how quiet our house was as everyone ate. The owner was extremely nice, taking the time to spend a lengthy amount of time on the phone to answer hubby's numerous questions. We always enjoy dining in as well. The place is small and cozy, and they're very accommodating (and tolerable) to young cranky children.
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    I didn't realize it, but the Oceanaire is a chain. We ate their while we were in San Diego on vacation. I know, I know...we should have dined elsewhere for seafood while in San Diego, but it was a free dinner. Another vote for the crab cakes! As for pricing, about 5 years ago I won a $25 gift certificate from work. I was only able to get a small appetizer!
  5. I've never heard of this place until they opened up in the Galleria. I checked their website and they are the first store in Texas. I think they're from the Northeast. Anyhow, the food was wonderful! I got the small portions of everything and still had leftovers. It's a bit pricey for lunch $8-10, but I'll be going back again! :hungry3:
  6. We were true Brooklyn's fans. The pizza was amazing, but the customer service was horrid on MULTIPLE occasions. Not only that, but it's super expensive for pizza. Can't tell you how many free pizzas we've received from them because of so many screw-ups. (I never ate the second pizza they sent because I swear they spit on it.) Anyhow, we gave the Crazy Tomato a try and WOW! I love how they use fresh herbs. It sure makes a difference. We'll be ordering from them MORE often.
  7. I know you originally asked about pizza, but my neighbors said their burgers were pretty good. Not sure how you could top JC's, but apparently they thought they were worth mentioning. So I guess if you're stuck out that way and don't want healthy Subway, you can always opt for their burgers.
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