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  1. http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2016/12/08/man-killed-after-shooting-at-allen-police-officers/ Sad story - so glad an Allen officer wasn't harmed.
  2. I plant my bulbs around Christmas or New Years and they are always beautiful.
  3. Are these franchises? Corporate needs to be notified so Allen will be compliant. This is one of the few places middle grandson can eat out at.
  4. When my oldest daughter was 4 we drove from White Rock Lake area of Dallas to go to Collin Creek and to see Santa. It is sad.
  5. Maybe she has a facebook page - you could look her up.
  6. My granddaughter went to Allen Dance and I must say their recital was very impressive! It reminded me of the Texie Waterman days . . . for those of you that aren't familiar w/Texie - she created the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. She really liked Allen Dance compared to others she attended.
  7. I was hoping the stores would be upscale . . . but w/a name like Liquor 4U?
  8. I don't want to have to go inside a strip mall center for liquor. All of the other locations are on corners of shopping centers. I'll pass . . .
  9. We removed all of the saucers under our potted plants on the patio as a means to alleviate standing water.
  10. I went to the one in McKinney and there were lots of shoppers. A lady shopping told me this one had a much larger selection than the one in Frisco. Glad they are opening in Allen.
  11. Well . . . Allen now has it's HOV lane back w/the white sticks!
  12. The white sticks on the south bound side of HOV lane were removed from Allen up through some point in Richardson. Hopefully they are abolishing the HOV lane. Does anyone know what the story is?
  13. Emily has done a kitchen at one house and I hired her a couple of years later to do a bathroom in another house for me. She is wonderful with design ideas. I had Gymco estimate and it was about $1,000 higher than Emily. Emily will take you shopping to help you pick out everything and pick it up for you or have it delivered. Gymco just sent me to a tile place, I was on my own design wise. She's also on Houzz. http://www.firstchoicestone.com/
  14. Dr. Jemini Abraham @ Centennial Primary Health and Wellness Group at Frisco 4401 Coit Road Suite 409 (Abraham) Frisco, TX 75035 (214) 464-2516
  15. Pollyanna

    CVS Receipts

    There are so many stupid things that stupid companies do that are run by stupid people . . .
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