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  1. Well said DTF. SB - It does matter, because you are insinuating that people can't conserve water and still use it at the same time. By showing our water usage, I've SHOWN that we can conserve water, and still have enough to water a new lawn provided we do it during months that are wetter on average. I've SHOWN that the day care kids can run around under a spray fountain for 15 minutes a day before 9AM - BECAUSE THEY DO IT ANYWAY. All of this has been done, and yet Allen is still saving more water than other cities in our district. It's not fair to the citizens of Allen to have these draconian measures taken against us when the other members of the NTMWD don't have to follow suit to the same extent. I don't understand why any one wouldn't be on board with changing the tier structure to influence people to conserve more water vs. bully tactics tickets. I think you don't give us your monthly usage because it's more than mine. Maybe you should conserve more?
  2. Also, I don't believe that people who can afford more water use more water because they can afford it. I think those people don't really gauge their water usage. I do think that most people, including the wealthy, notice when their bill goes up drastically. I would think that most in this town would want to lower their bills if that happened, the wealthy included.
  3. I agree Lostyankee. However, after all of this drought, some people, including us, have no yard left. Everyone knows we're in a drought, and everyone knows that Lavon is low. We're not stupid. Our problem is that the City of Allen's Water Department czar seems to think that we need to be punished for the drought more than her colleague's citizens do. Why should we bear the biggest burden out of all? Why can't we conserve MORE water and retain MORE of our lifestyle at the same time? You can do that by restructuring the rates so that there's another tier at around 7,500-8,000 gallons. Most people will never hit 15,000 gallons in a month, so the higher tier at that level of usage isn't a deterrent. It's completely useless. Why can't we change the water restrictions so that they are more useful than frustrating? When it hasn't rained in 13 days, and then it rains the day before your water day, that's a problem. Why can't we allow for re-sodding of yards in March & April and again in September & October, when we typically see more rainfall - free grass watering? You only need 6 weeks of a tapered watering schedule to establish a new lawn. That's plenty of time. Why can't we allow the daycare kids to have 15 minutes under a spray fountain before 10am on weekdays? There are lots of ways we can come together and conserve more water while still letting our kids have a good childhood full of slip and slides and yards to play on. SB - how much water did you use this month? More or less than me?
  4. I don't believe in wasting water either, but I also think "waste" is a subjective word. I don't think allowing kids to use a slip & slide for 30 minutes on a hot July day is necessarily wasting water. Watering the street because your sprinklers are pointed in the wrong direction is waste. I'm just saying, if you raise the rates for that middle ground, 8,000, where it will hit probably 50% of the population or more in July & August, people might choose not to let their kids use the slip n slide, or whatever their water "waste" of choice happens to be. You may think that all water recreation and landscape watering for any reason at all is waste. I think, in certain circumstances, its not. After reading how other cities were handling things compared to Allen, I'd be surprised if, when equalized for population, Allen didn't conserve more than the others, simply because they are more harsh than the rest. It seems like Plano and other Cities in the NTMWD don't have to live by the same rules that we do. Like the Allen Water Conservation department is going for a blue ribbon or something. It's ridiculous. And Don, you're right. I didn't have my glasses on and was looking at the meter, not the consumption. Consumption was 2,300. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. We went last week, and it was really good! It reminded us of a Taco Cabana, where you order, get a table number, there's a salsa bar, and they sell beer. Everything was delicious and we'll definitely be back. It was a nice change from your typical fast food menu items.
  6. The lady in charge of that department is seriously crazy. She must have really dirty hair and never flush the toilet. I've said many times on this board how that department should be run, but no one listens. I know some were enlightened when I used to post what my water usage was and what my bill was each month. I think it gave people an idea of what others were using/paying, and maybe when they compared theirs, they could see that they needed to look for leaks or whatever. So here are the stats for the current bill: 11/18-12/15 Used 4,578 gallons. $54.87 We have a 3400 sq ft 20 year old house, 3 & 1/2 bathrooms, pool, 1/3 acre lot. We use cloth diapers, so that's a lot of rinsing. We run the dishwasher every other day. I do about 5 - 7 loads of laundry per week. We make all meals at home except maybe one. We don't have any landscaping to water in the winter. I'm not as big on conserving water as I am on conserving money. We have a tight budget, and we can control how much water we use. We fix leaks immediately, and we don't waste water. If the rates were to go higher, we would conserve more to have a lower bill. My problem with the rate tiers is that its one rate for 0-1500 gallons, and another rate for 1501-15,000 gallons. If the city wants to conserve water, have a higher rate for 8,000-15,000 gallons. If you want to change habits, you have to hit them in the pocket book. Don't use "rules" that no one knows about and are hard to comply with since you can't automize your sprinkler for every other week.
  7. Any time you're questioned by the police you should be consulting a lawyer. Even if you have nothing to hide. Its the smart thing to do. You should also consult a lawyer if you have protestors hanging out in front of your house.
  8. Maybe because a lawyer told him not to? If the police say he's been cooperating and is still cooperating with them, let them do their job.
  9. no, the one that runs along Watters Crossing & Twin Creeks.
  10. I believe the Twin Creeks HOA is run by the management company and not able to be turned 100% to the residents until the development is 100% built out, which it is not at the current time.
  11. Today, I received the same junk mail postcard for my house and 3 neighbor's houses. The carrier at this house is nice, and he leaves packages tucked away on the porch. He rings the doorbell and knocks. However, when he was on vacation, I found two packages that had been tossed to a spot 5 feet in front of my porch. But we're on a contractor route, not a USPS route. The mail comes late on Mondays, this week around 8pm, and then around 1:30-2ish the rest of the week. We're in Twin Creeks. We used to live over by Joe Farmer, and had a contractor then too. They used to deliver a lot of our mail to the same house number, but one street over.
  12. We just had a hand addressed letter that was supposed to go to the local Experian office. Probably someone trying to correct their credit report. It was from New York. We apparently have the same street number, but clearly not the same street.
  13. Market Street has a good salad bar too. So does Whole Foods.
  14. Actually, going to Starbucks is a treat for me. I only go when I have money on my Starbucks gift card, and I only get free starbucks gift cards through star challenges or doing online surveys. So I don't go much. I don't have it in our budget to go to Starbucks very often. I always have my daughter with me, as I'm her primary caretaker and she has special needs. So going to Starbucks is a rare treat for me.
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