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  1. Judi500 ... Welcome to the forums. But you might want to check the dates on some of these topics.
  2. Looking at Google maps, it appears that each house has a walkway to the curb and at the curb there is a pad already set for sidewalks as if the City has or had plans to install a sidewalk along Pebblebrook. Crazy that they haven't yet.
  3. Gotta agree about Twisted Root. The one in Richardson is great. Never was impressed with the one in Fairview.
  4. Al C

    Hat Creek Burger

    Went Sunday for lunch. I really enjoyed it. Good food, decent price ... great service.
  5. GM car sales are way down. Some of their lowest selling cars were made in those plants. People want trucks, SUVs and crossovers now days ... not boring looking cars.
  6. Glad to see some vertical progress there today.
  7. Not exactly cheap over at Killarney's in Fairview either ... but they draw a good crowd.
  8. It won't last here either. Pubs don't tend to do well in Allen.
  9. I've been to Chepa's too. Pretty good stuff. Strong margaritas.
  10. Cool! Used to go see them back in my Austin days. Might have to drop by Friday.
  11. Excellent. I hope that includes a merging lane from the Chelsea extension onto 75 south frontage road, or there will be a backup there as well.
  12. I just hope there are some major road work plans at that intersection. It's already bad enough there. I know there will be an additional right turn lane for east bound cars on Stacy turning south onto 75, but there's gotta be more than that.
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