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  1. My husband and I purchased hybrid bikes from Richardson Bike Mart. They were great in helping with sizing and finding what it was we wanted to do and how we would be riding our bikes. Enjoy your new adventure!
  2. We had Loma Verde put new sod in our front yard and they did a wonderful job. Call 214-532-1513. Leave a message and they will get back with you.
  3. In a parking lot there does not need to be a crosswalk for pedestrians, cars need to stop when pedestrians are crossing. Maybe there could have been a little give and take on the sides of both parties but pedestrians have the right of way. Now, if the pedestrian is causing a dangerous situation by their actions they maybe at fault if they are hit.
  4. If the city decides to listen to those who do not want the street widened, are you willing to live with the traffic back ups due to all the extra traffic that will be in the area? Once Sprouts and other businesses go in, traffic will be worse. Of course this is not considering all the new homes going in NW Allen. Fortunately the city council considers the needs for the whole community and not just the wants of a few.
  5. You mailed the cards on a Friday and expected them to be delivered the next day or the following Saturday? I guess you lost me a little bit.
  6. I recently had to call the PO to see why my mail was not being forwarded after a move. This is the first time calling the Allen PO someone actually answered the phone! I have had to call in the past and it would just ring and ring with no answer. Hopefully the PO is turning over a new leaf.
  7. That would be a question for the city I would think. Is this something you want to do, or did you know of such a business?
  8. I am sure they were beavers. There is a beaver (maybe more than one) over in Lost Creek. I have seen a tree cut down from the beavers handiwork. I love that the beavers live within city limits - it is nice to have the natural world so close.
  9. I was thinking that it is possible that he could be a felon and that could have ramifications for the rest of his life. It is also possible that being a first crime it could end up being pled down to a misdemeanor.
  10. Definitely a crazy story! The thing that keeps running through my mind is that he has never been in trouble with the law before - so, was something going on in his life that just became too much and not thinking clearly, pulls out his gun and shoots through his own window at the car that just cut him off. Most criminal types do not have concealed carry permits. I feel for the woman, but I also kind of feel for the man. He messed up and will now pay the rest of his life for this.
  11. We need to clean the mortar that is between the rock on the front of our house. Does anyone have someone they would recommend for such a job?
  12. I can not imagine the weekend traffic once the property owners sell that corner off. It is already a nightmare.
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