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  1. allen

    Five Guys

    Five Guys and Mooyah cost about twice what In-N-Out does.
  2. La Duni is widely regarded as one of the top brunch spots in Dallas. They're supposed to be opening in the Village at Fairview this month.
  3. Did you use to post as CleanSkillet? Just curious as to how you seem to know the inside scoop on so many local eateries.
  4. I would never have known about it if not for allenonline. I still have never actually seen the establishment and have no idea where it is/was.
  5. allen

    Tin Star

    I find it interesting that Tin Star has tweaked their name to "Tin Star Taco Bar" to attempt to cash in on the current Taco craze.
  6. I was on the Fairview side around noon and I also noticed how crowded everything looked to be.
  7. There's already a thread about Cotton Patch http://www.allenonline.com/fusionbb/showtopic.php?tid/15042/
  8. I checked on my phone and a "free wireless access" hotspot appeared. I don't remember if it actually connected or not. I know the Twisted Root-specific wifi showed up as a non-accessible (locked) wifi spot.
  9. Just had an outstanding lunch! Make sure you order medium, as the default is an over-cooked medium well. By the way, my cheddar burger was $5.99.
  10. Yes. They were in Dallas too.
  11. There's never been an In-N-Out in Plano.
  12. If you like your steak rare but don't specify your preference you shouldn't complain if it comes out well done.
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