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  1. Allen is a Christian Nation and that filth has no place here
  2. A high calorie count doesn’t make something unhealthy
  3. lmao why would anyone eat at this racist’s restaurant. Will all the servers be black?
  4. There is nothing on the Allen location's facebook page since 2012.
  5. good thing there's about 7 other Sonics within 10 minutes of this one
  6. Seems drastically overpriced for what appears to be fairly generic chain american food.
  7. Amazing! https://www.facebook.com/canerossofairview
  8. I'll get on that as soon as I tell the millions of people who eat McDonald's that their hamburgers are terrible, and then tell the millions of people who drink Starbucks that their coffee is terrible.
  9. Matt's in Austin is not good at all.
  10. Have you ever had Texas BBQ before?
  11. Subway is disgusting. It's also home to shiny meat mmm....Shiny Meat
  12. Pluckers (no apostrophe) is very much a real restaurant. They are one of the best wing joints with locations all around Texas, in places where there is no 51% rule.
  13. You mean selling as much as they can make, at a high margin, won't work? Okay.
  14. El Grande Burrito is not Tex-Mex
  15. I'll wait until there's no other possible option on earth.
  16. And Freedmen's and Blue Ox.
  17. Bailey's doesn't exist anymore so it doesn't matter.
  18. Cheesecake Factory and PF Chang's will be packed.
  19. I'd say you chose the blandest, most boring choice they have on the menu. Of the 12 or so tacos on the menu, I would choose the chicken fajita last every time.
  20. Can you just take one from the Internet? Or take a pic at a different location?
  21. El Grande isn't really Tex-Mex
  22. allen

    Burger King

    Dairy Queen has "flame broiled" burgers. Try there instead.
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