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  1. Hi folks. Anyone have a good recommendation for a local laptop repair place? Looking to get a couple of things fixed and to reimage and upgrade the processor too. Thanks!
  2. Good grief!! I was just asking about the picketing, which isn't happening anymore by the way. I'm disappointed it turned into a nasty exchange as that was not the intent. I may be wrong, but I detect that this may be a bit personal for you. Either way, please note that just because I did not support the picketing in my neighborhood or the tactics used, that has no direct correlation to my level of empathy for the family. I cannot imagine what the family is going through and I hope I never have to find that out. My concern was simply the approach created a potential safety issue in the neighborhood due to the public call for people to join them and the emotion surrounding this case (which you demonstrated beautifully for us...no that is not a dig at you). Fortunately, nothing escalated but I will not apologize for having that concern for my family and for my neighbors, including the targeted family. I think we can let it go now. Fingers crossed that Christina is found safe and sound.
  3. No he has talked to the police multiple times and the police have stated repeatedly that he is cooperating and is not considered a suspect or a person of interest. The police have specifically kept his name out of the media. The family is the one that put his name, address and picture out there for all to see. I guess that is what really makes me angry. From what I understand there was a public FB post inviting anyone and everyone to join them in the protests last weekend. As a neighbor that makes me very uneasy. Something like this creates a host of emotions and everyone has their own way of expressing said emotions. Again, I don't begrudge the family doing everything possible in their mind to find their loved one. Don't want to come off that way. This just isn't the way to do it in my opinion.
  4. Yeah, the police have been called by several people. They say they cannot do anything unless they get on someone's property, yell or threaten anyone. So far that hasn't happened. I wish we could talk to the group leader but in this case it is a parent of a missing adult. I think any discussion would go in one ear and out the other. They are not interested in the neighbors feelings and to a degree I understand that. I just wish they would understand that if the occupant hasn't spoken to them in 5 days, it's probably not going to happen so it's time to move on. They've made their point. I don't begrudge them doing whatever they feel is necessary to find their adult child but I think they could be more respectful of the neighborhood or at least go to a more common area.
  5. Looking for any advice that is out there. I don't want to go into specifics but we have some people picketing a house in our neighborhood wanting information from one of the occupants. They stay on the sidewalk but as of last night are out walking in the alley. I know it is technically legal, first amendment and all, but is there any recourse we have as neighbors to ask them to, at least, relocate? While they really aren't saying anything, it's becoming a nuisance to those of us that live right around the house. I'm particularly troubled by the move to congregate in the alley way. Surrounding a house seems a little "stalky" (yes, I know that isn't a word ). I'm thinking maybe there is an ordinance or something that can be cited to request relocation? I know we can't tell them to stop if they aren't doing anything illegal. Some of us would just prefer they move away from the homes.
  6. catmama2

    1st World Problems

    My husband says the same thing about me It's a time issue really. Most companies charge by the hour so if it is a mess it will take them longer to clean and cost more :lookout: 1st world problem...lose bandwidth while working from home in the recliner when hubby is off work and gaming on the other computer!! Email is too slow!
  7. Totally agree! That loud, awful, techno dance crap was very unwelcome at 9:30 at night. I would be ok with it on a Fri/Sat but not at 10:00 on Sunday night. Poor planning.
  8. Has anyone ever filed a police report to get parking lot footage to find out who scraped up against your car and left without a note? I just got my car back from the bodyshop yesterday from someone backing into me in Market Street and I came out of MS at lunch today and someone scraped my bumper pretty badly. Needless to say I'm very po'd. Just wondering if the APD would laugh me out of there if I filed a report. I really want to nail whoever did this as it is not a minor scrape. Any advice is appreciated.
  9. Well, unfortunately I'm joining the ranks of 'meh' crowd. The atmosphere was fine and the service was fine but the food didn't do anything for me. Even my husband opted not to take home the rest of his chimichanga which is unusual Just really bland across the board. Tried all four salsas and really didn't like any of them. May try it again in a few months but I dont see this being a go to place for us.
  10. Yep...I love them. Paid for itself in this instance
  11. Jason the funny thing is I went back to look at the pictures and the first one was taken at 4:28 am and the second was after Kelly confronted him and he was leaving. That was at 4:46 am. Seems he was standing on the porch for a while, maybe trying to figure out the digital life lock!! Oh...here are some links to pictures of the guy. http://nomoon.org/photos/frontdoor1.jpg http://nomoon.org/photos/frontdoor2.jpg
  12. Agreed. I actually mentioned that to the E911 operator. He just didn't seem very lucid.
  13. Sure did...they sent out 3 cars to search the neighborhood. Not sure if they caught him or not. Yep, we have a security system with a camera at each entrance. He had no chance of getting in unnoticed and we got a couple of pics from the front porch. Makes you wonder what in the world he was doing walking up to house with all the signs, decals, and even a camera!!
  14. We had an attempted break-in this morning in the 1200 block of Harvard Lane in Heritage Park. At 4:45 my husband heard someone jiggling the front door handle and got up to see what was going on. He flipped the porch light on and saw a short middle aged white man wearing khakis, a rust colored jacket, Titleist ball cap and what looked like capped teeth. My husband asked him what he was doing in much more colorful language, and he said he was there to discuss the coupons we agreed to. Our guess he was trolling for unlocked homes. Anyway, be aware if you are in this neighborhood or on this side of town and keep those doors locked!! Hoping the sight of a large male (well, larger than him) holding a golf club will deter the man from trying our house again!!
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