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  1. I love that place, too. I wrote up a fairly thorough Yelp review here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/kabobi-fresh-mediterranean-richardson?hrid=sKdN9vFoA3ca36a-dlKAEw Short version: Delicious buffet, and the sambal is out of this world, as long as you like cilantro. Brad
  2. The way I understand the "hot" sign, is that it doesn't actually mean that there are hot donuts any more. It's turned on during times when they want to drive more traffic to the store, like during evening rush hour when there are a lot of potential eyes on the store. It's purely a marketing thing now. But still, even if they're cold, a 10 second blast in the microwave will wake those babies up Brad
  3. One thing Krispy Kreme will do is make it possible to get decent donuts after noon. Call me weird, but I usually pine for them in the evening. Brad
  4. If we're going to stray outside of Allen, Bread Zeppelin is a good place, too. Locations in Plano and Irving. Brad
  5. The low carb craze at the time was a significant part of what killed KK; that, and their overaggressive expansion. That craze has faded somewhat, but I still don't know whether KK can survive in that location. Donuts are kind of like Chinese food: local beats corporate most of the time, and we have a LOT of local joints. Brad
  6. bsnelson

    Wild Salsa

    Recent Yelp reviews and those from people I know give pretty good marks to the Dallas location. The negatives seemed to be focused more on service than food, which is fine with me; I can suffer bad service if the food is good, but I will not suffer bad food. Brad
  7. Good review! I, too, have spent time in Japan (though not likely as much as you), and I appreciate authenticity. I'll have to check this place out! Brad
  8. I had lunch there this past Thursday. They had the serving line clicking, it was moving smoothly. The place is HUGE, so volume (of people, anyway) shouldn't be a problem. I had ribs, fatty brisket, the two sausages and part of a "torpedo" (stuffed jalapeno). Ribs were a tad overdone but had good smoke; brisket had great smoke, moisture and texture, although both it and the ribs could use more seasoning. Original sausage (sourced from Elgin, the "sausage capital of Texas") was excellent; the jalapeno cheese variety (from another vendor) was a little dry and actually had too much cheese for
  9. Yet, at the same time, there has to be a space/time continuum thing where there are no kids. Other things required: The owners must greet every patron, and listen to every whine that they have about the food. Any whines = a comped meal Full bar, yet BYOB and dry, all at the same time Every employee must be thrilled to be there, 100% of the time I'm sure I could think of some more, but the OP has a pretty good list. So, where is this joint? Brad
  10. My wife and I had dinner there yesterday and I was somewhat underwhelmed. IMO, they need to do one or a combination of things: (1) Lower prices (2) offer more service (at least bring it to your table like Zoe's) or (3) improve the food quality. It's not bad, but it'd not a standout, and with 1 appetizer, 2 sodas and 2 entrees (Cuban sandwich and a burger) topping $40, it just doesn't work (again, IMO). Brad
  11. Well said, spc. The key will be in the execution; the brand is very solid. Brad
  12. I have over 670 reviews on Yelp. I've used the word "amazing" to describe the taste of food in 2 (two) of those reviews. Cane Rosso is one of them. This is a huge development. Hopefully they will thrive, even if the odds start off against them be being in VoF. Trivia: The other restaurant that I used the word "amazing" with is Zoe's Kitchen, already located in VoF. I was describing the chocolate cake that they have, and if you haven't had it, it's... wait for it... amazing. Brad
  13. We go on an occasional basis. The burgers are really good for the price, but I agree, I'm not a huge fan of the fries. More than once, I've gotten McDonald's fries to go with my In-N-Out, eating them together in the car. Brad
  14. suzeeh, you might try The Slow Bone next time; they're a little more "accessible" to Central Texas BBQ newbies, with a wider selection of sides, but still with great meats. Ask the carver to give you a slice or so of the moist (or "fatty"), but see if he'll trim it a bit for you. Round it out with some lean brisket and try some sausage or ribs. It's all great stuff. They probably even have rolls; I've never asked. Brad
  15. Lockhart Smokehouse (in Dallas and now in Plano) is modeled after the tradition of Central Texas BBQ, which has its roots in German and Czech cuisine. Originally Central Texas BBQ was eaten with one's hands and without sauce or sides. Pickles and onions add a little "palette cleansing", and if any bread product was offered, it was white bread or saltine crackers. The meal would be eaten with your fingers, and maybe a knife for some of the tougher cuts. That's it, that's how it was done. Lockhart Smokehouse started out this way, but eventually caved on sauce, forks and other "creature comfor
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