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  1. Are there any places around DFW where they plant wildflowers? I would like to drive around to see what there is. I know along roadside going to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge I've seen some in April in previous years. Hope there are some closer.
  2. Is this open for business or is there still lots of construction?
  3. Denise, Thanks for all your info. I had heard about hugs but didn't know, or forgot, they had a greenhouse.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations. I did know about Appealing Gardens and that is on my list. I try to get at least 3 recommendations. I do have some wildflowers (rock rose, winecup, and verbena which is my favorite). Actually, I dug up the latter from the land around me 30 years ago before they developed the land. I also had two different trees but one died due to all the rain several years back and the other might have had the same problem. I also have an area for wildflowers but then my yaupon holly grew and shaded the area a little too much. I'm not planning to have an area that is really sunny for wildflowers; wish I could get rid of all my grass and have native plants. I also have some native plants in the shade. Some native plants came from the Heard Museum sale many years ago or from organic nurseries plus Puckette's most recently.
  5. Can you provide names of some landscape designers?
  6. No more Mexican, burger, chicken, or pizza joints. Wish we had a Culver's (great cod and walleye when in season) since closest is in McKinney on Eldorado, or maybe nice Italian restaurant.
  7. My favorite place went out of business several years ago and now my newest favorite place went out of business. Haven't found a good pizza place and am really picky. I had also planned to order another one. Ouch! At least I've already marked off several pizza joints and only have a few available that I haven't tried. Don't bother even suggesting some because they probably won't meet my tastes.
  8. It would be interesting to see each specific area in which scored and the score for each area by restaurant. Did it specify the location for each restaurant because there are several Scotty P's, Mooyah Burger, and Long John Silvers. I've also seen where one restaurant in one location got good reviews and the other location got bad reviews. I've also seen junk food places score better reviews than some really nice restaurant.
  9. Watch out for the bees. Found one article that several people mentioned the passion vine. Lady was growing it in full sun in central TX and it died on her; she was trying to find something else. People who answered said it was during the drought and she didn't mention anything about watering it, so that might have been the problem. Several of the people said they loved the passion vine and had no problems. Here's some other recommendations from the site: "Crossvine can take it, as can confederate jasmine, desert willow vine" "My purple hyacinth vines did very well in full sun in New Braunfels."--don't know if this will do well in our area since we're in a different zone One person mentioned Mexican Flame Vine but don't know if it will do well in zone 8, our zone. Disclaimer: I don't know anything about any of the above vines. I'd go to a nursery like Puckett's here in Allen.
  10. Clicked on link and received blank page. Clicked on link second time and received an error, clicked on the Try Again and received blank page. Typed in website and saw some images but it was still loading and then Firefox crashed; have latest Firefox. Don't know if the website can only be used with I.E.
  11. This is at 1050 Comanche Dr. in Allen, since some may not know where Boon Elementary is.
  12. Owwww! The price of a Hurts Donut is crazy. Give me Max's Donuts that has been at Greenville and McDermott for years; they may not be fancy but they are good.
  13. Not sure, but I let some of my purple sage go to flowers, picked them off and dropped them next to plants and up they came next year. The garden expert must be busy because I'm sure she would know.
  14. I've had daffodils in my refrigerator for at least a month. When is the best time to plant them? Weather looks like it is going to be in 50s, sometimes 60s so don't know if this is 'too warm' or have to wait until it stays in 40s or less. I know that we might have a warm January or February but can't predict those months.
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