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  1. This will be wonderful. City site says it is around Rowlett Creek between McDermott and Alma, actually further west on McDermott. More information to come once they have determined what can be done based upon Mrs. McDermott's wishes via the trust. Mainly it will only be trails since she wanted it left natural.
  2. Sorry for delay but I missed this post. Most institutions have you sign into their website to view/download statements. I would agree that sending a statement via email attachment is not secure. Look at Yahoo that got hacked, and probably other email providers that won't tell you they were hacked.
  3. Is this open for business or is there still lots of construction?
  4. Contacted PUC and they provided a letter with this cause. We should be able to find this information on Oncor's website but they aren't very transparent.
  5. What Texas state governmental agency can we complain to about Oncor? We just had two outages back to back. One was on/off quickly; second was off for more seconds. It is sunny outside and we shouldn't be having these. We have these a lot where I live with sunny skies. When I moved here, this was happening about once a month and it seemed to get better; now it's like I just moved here.
  6. Denise, Thanks for all your info. I had heard about hugs but didn't know, or forgot, they had a greenhouse.
  7. Thanks for the recommendations. I did know about Appealing Gardens and that is on my list. I try to get at least 3 recommendations. I do have some wildflowers (rock rose, winecup, and verbena which is my favorite). Actually, I dug up the latter from the land around me 30 years ago before they developed the land. I also had two different trees but one died due to all the rain several years back and the other might have had the same problem. I also have an area for wildflowers but then my yaupon holly grew and shaded the area a little too much. I'm not planning to have an area that is really sunny for wildflowers; wish I could get rid of all my grass and have native plants. I also have some native plants in the shade. Some native plants came from the Heard Museum sale many years ago or from organic nurseries plus Puckette's most recently.
  8. Can you provide names of some landscape designers?
  9. Actually, I got a big laugh from those two happenings on the same day. Just goes to show "don't believe everything you hear". Every time he opens his mouth, one cannot believe what he says; he's the one making 'fake news' in many cases. The experts call him a narcissist for a good reason. I'm wondering what really happened with China during G20 and whether any good changes will come about for so many of our farmers and companies, including the small companies. At least the big corporations got their tax cuts and they may not complain about the high tariffs since they can pass any costs along to the people.
  10. Scientist mostly say just light refraction, but I agree with rtinallentx. Whose to say? And, it does bring a smile to most people.
  11. Adding because couldn't find how to save after editting. Anyway, I don't want to do a self-install for coaxial cable.
  12. When house was built, never had coaxial cable installed so only connection with land line. Spectrum installation for internet requires connection via this. They probably would install coaxial cable (haven't asked) but wondering best way to get it done.
  13. I agree with the other guy, use this url https://www.dmv.org/tx-texas/teen-drivers.php This provides most of the info you need, including documents you will need to just get a learner's permit. Many years ago my Dad would take us driving on backroads. I mean roads that you may see 0-2 cars on for 20+ miles with the road having hills and curves and not driving through any towns; don't know if that is possible these days around Texas unless you go out west. We would also practice in big parking lots with no vehicles around. Of course, we also had to take a course both inside and outside (boy, did I scare my trainer one time and he probably wanted several drinks) and learn the driver's manual.
  14. Page 8 at bottom, middle column, says differently. Up to 3 cubic yards (about the size of three washing machines placed side-by-side) of tree and brush trimmings. Branches must be no longer than 6 feet in length. From 1st column: Requests for pickup must be received by noon on the day before your assigned collection. Call CWD at 972.392.9300 (option 2) to schedule.
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