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  1. I've lived across the street from that park for the last 10 years, I have seen more coyotes at the park lately than ever before. They finally got my 17 year old cat when she got out one night. If you have a cat in this neighborhood you better keep it inside. I see them standing in the park in the middle of the day, they don't seem to be frightened by me nor have they ever bothered anyone that I know of. They were here first so I think they should be left alone since they don't seem to be a threat. I'm more concerned with the teenagers hanging out there late at night and on the weekends that think it's a "party Park" just an FYI my neighbors and I will call the police when we see car's there late at night. The fact that kids are drinking, possibly doing drugs and then speeding down my street seem to be more of a threat than the coyotes, but please keep a close eye on your pets if you live around here.
  2. My daughter just found a dog in twin creeks off of Comanche and Wills Point. If you think it may be yours please send me a PM with a description and your phone number.
  3. It seems that way at least the Dayspring Nature Preserve in Twin Creeks is. Over the years we've gotten use to the weekend drug/alcohol parties that go on there with the teenages. We even get the pleasure of picking up their garbage on Monday mornings. So last night I heard quite a bit of commotion coming from the park, I didn't go out to check because the police don't even seem to care what goes on over there any more. It was after midnight and I could tell there was quite a bit of noise and what sounded like a loud generator (I had heard that for hours) so I walked outside and saw about a dozen cars loading up and leaving. So tonight same thing again going on, cars even parked up on the grass. I'm not up for this again, going on after midnight since we have to get up early so I made a call to the police dept. only to be told "they have permission from the city to be out there" I was also told that "they are filming some kind of movie" So I'm just curious, maybe I'm wrong but WHY would the city give permission for anyone to be out filming a movie at a small residential park on a small private street after midnight? at least why didn't they have the courtesy to let those of us that live next door to that park know what was going on? something tells me if one of these city council people lived next to this park they would not have given permission for a "movie" to be made out there after midnight. The loud noise of this generator after two nights is quite annoying. Again, maybe it's just me but I don't think parks should be open to hang out 24 hours a day. I've just never heard of that before.
  4. I was in that area around 6PM and it was still shut down.
  5. Was this the place on McDermott in the old Alberson's shopping center? I hope not everyone in there was so nice.
  6. funny thing for me was all packages were shipped out within about a week of each other and all packages made it onto the UPS truck and then just disappeared. we also found out two shirts sent to my daughter for her birthday never made it off of the truck as well as the other missing items. I decided to confront my driver about it, when I tracked him down he informed me it was only his second day on this route and the old driver was gone and he had no idea why. well I bet I know why cause he's a thief. the new driver said the same thing most likely he had been let go for stealing. so far I've been credited for everything except the shirts. I wonder how often this happens.
  7. Has anyone else around town had trouble with UPS? I ordered 300 worth of gift cards through American Express and they were guaranteed 3 day delivery they never arrived. When I tracked them I could see they never made it off the UPS truck. I contacted UPS they aknowledged that they lost them and told me to contact American Express. Now I ordered a Dyson vacumn online and it was suppose to be delivered to my house by 9/4 when I tracked that I saw the last time it was tracked was in Mesquite on 8/27. I contacted UPS about my missing vacuum and all they had to say was they lost it contact my buyer. These packages are not even making to my front door. They are stolen or missing before delivery. Anyone else have trouble? I don't want to buy online anymore if I have to keep filing claims.
  8. PM me if you are still looking for someone.
  9. Dr. Zahabi in Plano. she is wonderful. For a new patient visit you'll have to wait about 30 days to get in. She is a great doctor.
  10. Well back to AT&T Uverse next week. TWC must have the worst customer service of any company ever. I will never deal with them again even if their service was free. Don't fall for their 200.00 gift card scheme we never got ours not to mention the daily outages we've had almost every day since April.
  11. For some reason Verizon doesn't recognize my address. They are suppose to call us back. TWC has been so bad this time around I'll cancel and just have no TV or internet before I keep their lousy service. I guess I probably go back to AT&T they keep sending me offers in the mail but really none of them sound that good. From what I've been able to gather on the internet TWC and AT&T have a monopoly in the area so I guess the city isn't going to make them have any more competition so they can get away with charging whatever they want.
  12. We switched from AT&T back to TWC. AT&T just got to expensive over the two years we had it the bill had gone up to over 230.00 a month for cable, internet and phone. I'm trying to stay under 200.00 per month. We don't even get the primer movie channels. I'm getting rid of this TWC and soon possible even if I go back to AT&T. At lease the Uverse worked.
  13. So it's been 2 month's now since we switched back to TWC. It's been 2 month's of non stop problems. I've lost count of how many times we've had them back out to the house. Our internet has gone out countless times and the customer service is terrible at best. As far as the 200.00 gift card we were told by more than one person that it would arrive in our first statement, it never did. I called earlier in the week and asked why we never received it and was told I was suppose to mail in a statement from our last provider (within 30 days) to prove we had transferred service, gee... first time I heard that and of course now that 30 day period has passed. So were looking to switch again. Does anyone know if Verizon has service in the Twin Creeks area?
  14. I'm not talking about 15-16 year old kids, these kids are probably 17-18 years old. The speed with their cars around our cul de sac. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't get stuck picking up there beer cans and fast food trash in the mornings, not to mention they leave their trash around the creek. Speaking of butterflies, I have a crepe myrtle outside my kitchen window it already has aphids I was going to spray it until I noticed it is covered in butterflies. Why are they so attracted to this tree is it because of the aphids? I don't want to spray the tree now and kill them.
  15. We're actually switching back to TWC tomorrow. At&t has just gotten to be way to expensive since we first signed up for it over 2 years ago. I also called hoping they would offer me a better deal but no luck. TWC is going to be 50.00 cheaper each month for the same package we have now and at a faster internet speed. They are also offering a 200.00 Visa gift card right now.
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