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  1. Good info here, thanks! It's time I look into switching too!
  2. Yeah, I'm curious to know too. I'll sign up for that quick! :shrug:
  3. Oops, forget my response above... brain flatulance! It wasn't bluebonnets I saw behind Walmart last year, but rather sunflowers. :-/
  4. Last year, a gorgeous bunch blossomed behind the Walmart off Exchange/75. Haven't seen them this year (yet) but keeping an eye out.
  5. Anybody a witness to the incident that occurred on eastbound Exchange (between 75 & Greenville) at approx 3:10 today? PM me please only if you did. Thanks.
  6. I just read about it. It's been a while but I believe I've seen him post on this site before. What a shame. Pitiful grown man.
  7. Wow that gave me chills! It's a nice reminder that there are still good samaritans out there. As a parent, I am so happy to hear your daughter is OK (as well as the others involved). Yes, we do need a LIKE button :thumbup:
  8. Oh OK, so maybe a good percentage might be long-haired dogs. I can see that. Mine are all short-haired so didn't think about the matting issue. Thanks. :thumbup:
  9. At the risk of sounding tacky (and I apologize if so), why aren't you grooming your own dogs? I can maybe see doing it once in a while, but seems ridiculous to pay for that. It's not only cheaper to do it yourself, but your pet(s) experience much less stress, and it's a good training/bonding time for you and pet. I have 4 (2 boxers, a rat terrier and pug). I do a dog a week and it's less than 30 mins each "session."
  10. I get gas there sometimes and never had a problem. Hope you got it resolved.
  11. Will keep an eye out for your cat. Good luck.
  12. When they abandoned the house and dog, that was when they were through with him. I respect that animal control has a protocal, but come on. The house sounds clearly abandoned. I hope he finds a family to adopt him
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