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  1. Is it already closed or not open yet?
  2. Anyone know of a local gutter company who cleans out gutters?
  3. I believe if a health inspection score of a food preparation facility is below 70, the establishment has to close down for 30 days to come up to compliance and will be re-examined after that.
  4. Anyone have an idea why last night between 8:10 and 9:00 the area bordered by McDermott to Exchange and 75 to Allen Heights lost electricity?
  5. I just don't think Allen is the kind of community to support this type of venue. Hopefully not.
  6. Watched a bobcat for about 10 minutes yesterday around 5:30 in downtown Allen in the alley behind Rodenbaughs. He came out of a group of trees behind Allen Automotive and walked casually around Rodenbaugh's buildings and then wandered off into the trees by the railroad tracks.
  7. One can never forget the day the world changed.
  8. We've been there 4 times, latest being last night. Excellent service every time. Like we do with all new restaurants, we each try something different each time the first few visits. There are some items on their menu that I've never seen at any other Mexican food restaurant. Everything we've ordered has also been excellent. Highly recommended. Unfortunately, it's probably going to have a difficult time making it, not because of service or food, but location. It can't be seen from either Alma or McDermott and is buried back in the corner.
  9. Just curious if anyone has info on Papa Murphy's on W. McDermott by Torchy's closing? It must have been some time ago because the new sign is already up for another business. I always thought it was a terrible location for a business that was 100% carry out as far as parking availability.
  10. Angel Parkway Intersection at Stacy Road Closed July 28 - 30 Beginning Friday, July 28 at 8 a.m., the intersection of Angel Parkway at Stacy Road will be closed to traffic. Eastbound and westbound traffic on Stacy Road will remain open, but drivers should expect minor delays as TxDOT switches traffic onto the new concrete roadway. The Angel Parkway and Stacy Road intersection is expected to reopen on Sunday, July 30.
  11. Late yesterday all heck broke out at the Coamerica on McDermott across from the Jack-in-the-Box. Multiple police units and last night there was yellow police tape up. Once assumed it was a robbery, but nowadays disgruntled ex-employees or spouses carry out other atrocities. Anyone know?
  12. I generally keep up with P&Z and council agendas on-line, but if there wasn't a zoning change issue, it wouldn't have been an item on the P&Z agenda. . By now there may be a sign there announcing what's going in. Just wondering if anyone knew.
  13. ...what's going in on north Greenville at Stacy next to the Taco Bueno? Was going to be another emergency clinic, then that came to a halt, now something else is going in.
  14. Interactive Media Manager Kathleen Vaught, City of Allen AGENCY Beginning Wednesday, July 5, expect various lane closures along Greenville Avenue from Main Street to Thoreau Lane. Lane closures are needed for construction and installation of an additional storm pipe to accommodate storm flow from the east side of Greenville to the creek on the west side. Construction is anticipated through the middle of August. The majority of work and lane closures will occur from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to limit traffic impact, with the overall goal to be complete prior to the school year.
  15. We get calls at our business, Rodenbaughs, quite frequently for vacuum cleaner repair and parts. There was one at McDermott/Alma, but closed down.
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