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  1. Maybe if you were to show how you came to that conclusion, we sould understand.
  2. There is a large Olympics-like competition - the Maccabi Games - going on this week. I would make an educated guess they rented out Top Golf for the evening.
  3. It appears it has been listed as a 6-lane road in the plans for many years.
  4. Has anyone looked at the city master transportation map? I wonder if it hasn't been designated a three lane road all along. Caveat emptor.
  5. Nutmeg

    Bonefish Grill

    We went on Saturday evening and had a very nice experience. While the waiter we had struggled a little (timing of his appearances, general uneasiness with interacing with us) we had quite a good meal. The food was very good and they were able to accomodate a menu modification with no problem. We have already made plans to dine there again next week. I think this is an excellent addition to the dining choices in the area.
  6. Been to the one in Richardson a few times. I am not a fully qualified BBQ expert but I can say that I have enjoyed the meal I have had there.
  7. Agree, Plano PD had noticed the holes in the story from the beginning. Standing outside the house with signs is not police work and could have proved damaging to the real work of solving the case.
  8. I have received mail that had been misdelivered and was noted as such on the envelope.
  9. Nutmeg

    Car wash

    I believe that the business decision remains with the business. The city simply applies the zoning and other development regulations to the application. To get into the business side just opens up a real can of worms.
  10. I think you might be barking up the wrong tree. I am pretty certain both teams have played in the stadium in the past. Obviously, no one played there this year and if you look at the soccer web site you'll see that all the schedules have been revised since they were first published.
  11. I have used Carriage House exclusively for a number of years. Each time I have ordered, I give them a price range and let them create something based on what is fresh and in stock. They have never disappointed me or more importantly, the recipient. One of Allen's gems.
  12. Fairly standard practice in retail.
  13. I think the design at Watters is a big part of how it gives an impression of busy almost all the time. The relatively narrow roads with parked cars flanked by the storefronts/sidewalks puts a lot of activity (and "buzz") into a vary visible space. The topography is also helpful with some roll to the parcel. We have always enjoyed strolling through whether we were eating, shopping or simply people watching.
  14. There seem to be a lot of empty storefronts on the Allen side to the west. I wouldn't say either one has met the initial hype.
  15. Nutmeg

    Highway 5

    I don't think it is. Last I heard was April.
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