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  1. We finally tried it tonight with the kids. We all loved it! We sat outside and our 3 year old kept pointing out the "goggie" that was sitting by his owners' table. Very fun and we will be back.
  2. I can't get past the name. I think I'd have to be pretty drunk to even go in there. And even then...well, I don't think thatlwil happen. LOL
  3. Thanks to Groupon, the good dawkter and I went for a kid-free dinner. The food and prices are great! The service was the only thing wrong. My order was wrong. Our food came before our spring rolls. We ordered two different spring rolls (he's allergic to coconut and I love coconut shrimp). They brought two coconut shrimp. So glad we realized they were the same before he ate one! We will go back, but that's because the food was so great.
  4. I wondered the same. LOL
  5. I think we'll do the same. My little guy would prefer rice & lentils at abuela's house anyway.
  6. Maybe we'll leave the 3 year old boy at home and just bring out girls. ha ha! Tablecloth + 3 year old boy = potential disaster (although he's done okay at Mimi's)
  7. I can't wait to try this place! Since we usually go out to eat as a family, can someone tell me if it is a kid-friendly (3yr old boy, 10.5 & 12 girls). We're fine going without kids, just means we have to wait until I can get a sitter (mom or sister). By kid-friendly -- think Tin Star.
  8. V-Girl

    Tin Star

    It fits all my requirements -- affordable, friendly service, decent margaritas, kid-friendly. ha ha!
  9. V-Girl

    Tin Star

    We went there tonight with my mom and another family. Great food all around (and all the kids were free!). No complaints (other than my mom not liking couscous).
  10. Those people were awesome. I would stand outside by the smoker and talk to the owner while they were fixing up our plates in the kitchen. The brisket, sausage and colt 45 beans made one hell of a meal. I miss it. It is always sad to see real bbq "joints" close down and more of the chain restaurants open. They set the bar high enough that I just can't get excited about a BBQ place unless the building looks like it's falling over. And there's a smoker outside.
  11. They had the best BBQ!! They catered my 4th of July wedding (BBQ, kegs & buckets of beer & karaoke) in 1997. Nicest folks you'll ever meet!
  12. We've been a few times. I like it a lot more than Chili's. And it's pretty kid-friendly. Until we can afford to pay a sitter, we have to bring the kids with us for date nights (unless Abuela is available).
  13. V-Girl


    Took the husband and kids yesterday. They loved it. Overfilled their cups. ha ha ha!
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