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  1. Just tried the Anna's location in Colleyville. Saw Chepa's mentioned on their menu (perhaps a family member??), so look forward to trying it. If it's anywhere close to as good as Anna's, should be some of the best. We shall see.
  2. Incompetence by the owners. Also would have taken time to form the patties. They’re not set up for that in real time.
  3. TC2112


    Did Splitsville close, or is it going to be just an overnight change of ownership?
  4. Family member worked there and just voluntarily left mainly due to the mismanagement by the owners. I didn't want to say anything while (s)he was still employed there. They advertise that they only serve fresh meat. So when they serve frozen patties they are not being honest. Also, they only serve frozen Target patties when they run out of fresh meat while the store is open (due to their inability to order/plan correctly). They would make an employee take money from the register, clock out (yep, clock out because they're not "working") and run over to the Target down the way and buy frozen patties. And yeah Al C, they absolutely should tell the customers "we're out of meat" when they run out of fresh meat. Perhaps that would persuade the owners to learn how to run a business (FYI, Allen is the least profitable Mooyah franchise.) By the way, if you're ever there late and they start to clean the grill, I would leave immediately. The chemical they use causes burns to the skin and damage to the lungs, and requires anyone in it's presence to wear a respirator and fully body protection, which the employees are not provided. That's why you'll routinely see employees running outside for fresh air right around closing time.
  5. Didn’t want to start a new topic so resurrecting this one. Now that I’m free to talk, stay away from Mooyah. When they run out of fresh beef they send their employees over to Target and buy their frozen patties and serve those to you. That should be enough to deter you, but there’s more. This only applies to the Allen Mooyah as far as I know.
  6. Well, I'd prefer a QuikTrip to a RaceTrac. Better taquitos ;-) As long as they sell Diesel I'll be all right. This is good news for that major corner!!
  7. Now if someone could just strong-arm Fairview on that whole no right on red nonsense.
  8. TC2112

    XM Radio

    Could be you're switching from one of the terrestrial repeater stations to/from another repeater or to/from satellite. FYI, I have XM and have not noticed a difference there.
  9. Southbound is still closed. Northbound is still open. What exactly changed?
  10. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/transportation/20151129-most-central-expressway-hov-lanes-wont-have-to-close-during-road-project-after-all.ece It's good they figured out a way to get them back open during the Plano Parkway construction. But they are not here to stay.
  11. Very true, but it doesn't give the whole story. I've found several news articles from last fall when the plans were first announced. The southbound HOV lanes will never reopen as HOV lanes, just the aforementioned shoulder running lanes open to all vehicles. The southbound HOV, as mentioned in the article, will continue to resume at Galatyn.
  12. Yes, the HOV is gone down to Galatyn. It will resume there heading southbound. The prior HOV lanes will become 'shoulder running lanes'. Meaning they will be open to all traffic during peak times, and non-traffic shoulders during non-peak times.
  13. TC2112

    CVS Receipts

    Well, not really the point of my post, but it allows me to correctly enter the purchase in my accounting software once I'm home so I can reconcile my financial statement. Additionally, the product I'm purchasing could be defective, or I could change my mind, and having the receipt would allow me to exchange or return the product.
  14. TC2112

    CVS Receipts

    If you shop at CVS, and if you are a member of their card/club/rewards program, you can now choose to receive electronic receipts delivered via email. No more 3 foot long receipts for a pack of gum. And interestingly enough, you can thank Jimmy Kimmel for getting the ball rolling on this. He made fun of them on a show last year for having the longest receipt, and it pushed them to make the change.
  15. I think it's sad that your hospital bill impacts your credit. But we all live in one of the reddest counties in Texas. And the majority of your neighbors think you just made a 'bad choice' (that's Republican code talk.) Good luck
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