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  1. Perhaps a new topic should be started on this subject... I agree w/ SB & Nutmeg, I have NEVER heard any association regarding the Garland event & the Jewish Community. Let's keep this post factual, if you have hard facts rich75904 share, other wise move on....
  2. JCC Maccabi games are hosted in Dallas this year. Tons of kiddos from around the states/world participate. Security was extreme but this is sadly the would we live in today. The organization is making it's best effort to keep everyone safe. Yes, snipers were on the roof but again, they have a responsibility for the safety of all & guessing the organizers felt it was worth the money & peace of mind to have the additional security. All levels were open & the attendees seemed to have a good time.
  3. I have 2 tickets to Randy Rogers tonight @ Gexa, $40 each. PM me if you want them...thanks. Web: Sorry, I'm guessing this should be in classified but didn't think folks would see it in time... Remove if needed.
  4. AA: "The sign will be installed on the street light pole once it is repaired since there is no need to drill in the concrete for a sign pole. The street light pole is scheduled to be fixed by the City’s contractor within a couple of weeks (if hasn’t been already). The contractor was waiting on parts on back order to fix the street light pole. The sign will be mounted to the street light pole. "
  5. Agreed! My neighborhood is Spring Meadow, the Trinity turn lane. I've delt w/ the idiots who want to do a U-turn on a highway for too long, but as law states, if a no U-turn sign is not present then it is allowed!! Thanking the City of Allen again for adding the sign. As for the right turn lane SB at the light, TxDOT handles the road as it's HWY5, when the corner gets developed the turn lane will get built.
  6. When my son was in a accident a particular stretch of highway became personal...I reached out to Allens traffic engineers and I'm happy to say they agreed for the need of a no U-turn sign. What a great city!! The folks working for the city are so assessable. The area Is on Greenville/Hwy5 just N of Exchange in front of Krogers gas station, there is a unprotected opening in the Hwy. Drivers STOP to make u-turns causing the traffic behind them to slam on their breaks or in sons case have a accident... "I did in fact visit the site soon after we spoke. I do feel a NO U-TURN sign is warranted. The sign will be installed...." Thank You Allen Traffic Engineers!!
  7. My sons sits for some neighbors dogs. PM me your neighborhood & I'll see if it might work.
  8. Son needs someone to install leveling kit on his truck, recommendations appreciated.
  9. Web, wanted to post under coupons but didn't see how... Came across a nice coupon for the upcoming Wedding & Prom season I thought I would share.. https://tuxedo.menswearhouse.com/coupon.do?promo=PRKW&repId=5860743
  10. Looking for a honest site to order glasses...
  11. Looking for a company that can do the art & printing for the Allen Eagles Baseball poster at a reasonable price...suggestions or volunteers would be greatly appreciated. The art is the biggest expense, if you can help the HRC with your expertise please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  12. Home Run Club Other Auction items incluce Hydrous Wake Park summer camps, rounds of golf - Twin Creeks, The Courses of Watters Creek, Old American Golf Club, Performance Course gift certificate, and many more! Also, Come Hungry...Raising Cain's, pizza, BBQ sandwich's, snacks & desserts are for sale...Cash or Check only
  13. I have some inexpensive art that was my Grandmothers. I would like to have a appraiser or someone that knows about art take a look. These are not prized pieces but I'm curious none the less...
  14. 'My other complaint is the southbound right hand lane of Greenville turning onto west Exchange should be right turn only, at a minimum during school commute times.' I've spoke to the city many times regarding the need for a right turn only lane @ SB Greenville/Exchange. Their explanation was along the lines of...It's maintained by TxDOT as it's a hwy. We're waiting for the land on the corner to get developed, at that point look at the traffic flow & what needs to be done... VERY frustrating as most folks a turning right, especially in the morning & after St Jude's lets out on the weekend. Plenty of time for the ones going straight to be in the middle lane then change after they have passed through the light. No business to turn into until after the stadium.
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