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  1. Which candidate(s) are going to lower the property tax rate as a reflection of the abhorrent increases in assessment values. The city does NOT need more money.
  2. Wait till I open my Medical marijuana store. Your heads are gonna spin. Let's not forget that Jesus turned water into Wine. So you know he got his party on every once in while. Puritians - you're always good for a laugh. Beside, it's better your kiddos get their drink on locally than drive to Plano to get their drink on, because regardless of your little speed bumps the motivations of teenagers to drink the forbidden fruits will not be placated by creating a false sense of an alcohol free wonder world. Also, perhaps you need to better focus on rampant opiate use in HS instead of where Junior getting his coors light is a better use of our time.
  3. You can keep up with the project here..... http://brazosshare.brazoselectric.com/kittyhawk/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/
  4. I have tried to work with the city to provide an alert system for local beekeepers before spraying occurs. Beekeepers can mitigate the effect of the pesticides if they have time but they need about a 1 day notice. Generally the hives can be covered for a day until the pesticides dissipate. The bees in our area do not have a significant agricultural benefit (other than the honey they produce) since the majority of local crops do not need bee pollination. There are three commercial bee keepers in the area that do send their hives out to California for the winter to pollinate the California almond/orange crop. However those apiaries are generally outside any suburban spraying.
  5. I find the less I do for my landscape the better it looks. I see all the landscaping and chemical trucks roaming the neighborhoods and find no tangible differences. I think the industries built on the rockwellian post-wwII notion of a manicured landscape are nothing but a tulip craze. Literally, money and chemicals poured into the storm drain. If I had my way, we would all have natural low maintenance landscapes - but then there is no money in that is there.
  6. Well, I'm gonna miss my personal freeway through congestion. With no enforcement zones north of George Bush, it really never mattered how many folks were in the car - Bring one bring all. The implementation of HOV on 75 has been a boondoggle from the beginning. The traffic patterns in the area could NEVER support HOV traffic and they ended up being the thoroughfare from landscapers/tradesmen from Garland to Allen and back.
  7. PLEASE don't teach yellow means stop!! I see several drivers a month put everyone's life in danger because they think yellow means stop - it does not. Do teach that a red light camera sign means the intersection has been engineered with revenue in mind not safety. Short yellows and rapid cycling.
  8. Parent taught can be good and bad depending on how engaged the parent is in teaching (and how good the parent its at driving). I taught all mine, but I also taught performance car driving so I have a little base to draw from. I taught the kids strange things like not taught at driving schools - How to safely drive on ice, How to engage ABS Braking, How to properly brake a car in an emergency, How to skid a car safely, How to slide a car through a turn, How to drive for better gas mileage, How to change a tire, How to change the oil, How to fill the radiator, How to do basic maintenance checks, How to drive in reverse through cones, How to change a headlight, How to drive a manual shift. I use strange props like a glass of water on the dashboard, a piece of masking tape across the windshield and an egg taped to the accelerator. I teach a lot that the regular driving instructors just don't cover. So whether you choose a DE company or do Parent taught go beyond the text curriculum and teach the real world of driving. When kids initially get their license they are pretty good drivers. HOWEVER, it is 6-12 months post license where their confidence exceeds their abilities - that's the danger zone. So I go back and rework with them to knock down their confidence a bit and hopefully increase their skills too. At one year, we go to the road coarse track and prove it on the track at full speed.
  9. I have been disparaging all the furry cotton tails in the neighborhood for wiping out my garden transplants. Not 24 hours after I planted out bell peppers and eggplant where they cut to the nub. But after doing some cleanup of a wooden skid I located a rat nest filled with my plants. So I apologize to Peter and his furry friends and will begin the systemic poisoning of the area rats. Die little rats die!!!
  10. The Bonnie's Truck Route Driver determines which plants get put at which locations. I spoke with our local driver and he gives the 6 pack plants to the smaller mom and pop locations.
  11. No don't watch - Call ME!! I've got hives to fill.
  12. I completely concur that MF is on the master plan, but it seems like a raging hoard of MF building and move ins are simultaneously executing. It would be one thing if a new MF center were coming online once a year, but we have 8-10 major complexes coming online within 18 months - with more to follow. That's a big swallow of new students on top of the fertility water pouring out of NTMWD.
  13. Oh, given the perp's running style, my guess is he is not in sports.
  14. Notice the runner going back and to the right, back and to the right.... Here's a fun one, string some wire across the entryway. Help Darwin out in his pursuit to make the genome better. Turn up the resolution on the camera and let the entertainment ensue.
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