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    http://www.modernfamilyvision.com/ Dr Castro is awesome, we schedule the whole family back to back.
  2. Anyone else having issue with Frontier, we have been without service for almost 10 days now. No Phone, Internet and TV. it's been a Circus sideshow with support. For the last five days we have been on the schedule for a Tech to come out to the house. check out frontiers Facebook page...
  3. this is one of my points, if my dog had got a hold of the boy it would not have been a pretty sight. I can almost guarantee in this day and age the parents of the boy would try to sue me.
  4. We do have signs noting the house is occupied and to smile you're on camera. My guess it's retaliation for getting them picked up my Allen PD.
  5. Thank you for the response, in the process of signing up.
  6. Is this your son or someone you know? We are in a new development in Morgan's Crossing in Allen and since moving in, we have had at least four instances of minors ringing our doorbell late at night, attempting to come in, banging on our door well after a time they should be home. They are attempting either to terrorize or prank. We have had the police successfully pick up three of these individuals and take them home to their parents where they were issued a warning as well as made aware of the danger they are putting themselves in by knocking on strange doors and attempting to open them. A number of things could happen to these minors if they were to knock on the wrong door at the wrong time. I am sure every parent's nightmare can fill in the blank. Tonight we had yet another individual do the same. We have surveillance cameras covering all angles of our home and even signs that say it. This bright individual chose to ignore the sign and the obvious cameras and ring our doorbell in a navy blue hooded sweatshirt with white lettering on the front with dark hair and pale skin that suggests his ethnicity. As always, we called the Allen Police Department who are now looking for this child. He is obviously a misled and not very bright individual to do such a silly act and risk being caught on camera to door knock and attempt to trespass. Please view the video. If you know this person, give them sound advise. We are non confrontational; the next people's home he or they decide to do such a silly act on may not be such as us. Please intervene and call APD if you know this person. https://youtu.be/_CRhXFgDFBA
  7. Sorry Your post has been removed. Business solicitations can only be make by our paid advertisers. This is noted in the forum rules. If advertising on Allen Online interests you please use this link for information. http://allenonline.com/list-your-business-on-allen-online If you your signature points to your product or business please remove that also. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Web
  8. Beginning at 9:00am this Saturday, February 14th, Cub Scouts will be in our neighborhood (Chandler Elementary Area) collecting food for ACO (Allen Community Outreach). They will be knocking on doors to ask for non-perishable donations. Thanks in advance for supporting our community.
  9. When I first saw this post I was surprised I had never had issues with Firestone. Always had fast and good service, which I’m now second-guessing. This past Saturday the 17th I brought my van in to get my brakes checked. As usual received a call back about an hour later. To my surprise I was told I needed over $1000 worth of repairs including the brakes. To top it off the majority of that was only for the left side of the van. Then he told me I needed to make a decision whether or not to do the repairs within the next 15 minutes in order for him to get the parts so I could get the van back Friday afternoon. Needless to say dropping $1000 requires a little bit of thought and conversation with my better half. We called back to ask the ramifications of holding off on the repairs, he proceeded to tell us that the van was unsafe. He didn't say we shouldn't drive the van but there was a possibility of one of the wheels locking up and causing an accident. On a whim we called Kia to find out if the van was still under warranty, was told it should be covered but would have to see it first. Gave the Kia technician the printout I received from Firestone with a list of repairs that I was told were required. About an hour later received a call from a very confused technician telling me he was unable to find the issues that Firestone had found. The only repairs I needed were indeed the brakes which cost me $200. Needless to say I will no longer be taking my vehicles to the Firestone on Stacy….
  10. Enjoy the low gas prices until some gasoline speculator fabricates some sort of crisis.
  11. IT_Guy

    Car broken into

    Be on the alert, Summerfield Drive off Malone. My car was broken into sometime early this morning. Luckily nothing of any value was stolen other than a pair of sunglasses and a cheap media player. What is of concern is my house alarm going off around 5 o'clock this morning. Still in the process of checking the home surveillance video from last night and this morning. You tend to get complacent and not think of these things until it happens, such a shame.
  12. It's called Dynamic Pricing, it's based on traffic congestion. The more cars on the road the higher the cost to ride in the lanes. A nunmber of states are moving to this model to generate revenue. Atlanta, Washington state Alameda California. Once your in at a particular rate lets say $1.00, you're locked in until the next exit and entry point. If it jumps or goes down while your in the lane your rate is still $1.00.
  13. IT_Guy

    More Boom

    Heard an interesting story on NPR this morning, this maybe earthquake activity. Apparently you have a "P" and and "S" wave. One you can feel the other you can hear, some of the earthquake sound like a bom. Some of the earthquakes the frequency is so low you can't feel it but you can hear it. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/listen/index.php
  14. IT_Guy

    More Boom

    Yes did hear the boom, Don't think it was an aircraft. I know I may regret this "Did your lights go out"?
  15. Nice....one question, What’s with the sheep?
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