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  1. That giant purple gorilla has been all over Allen and no one ever said anything about it before. I'm sure there's also an ordinance that it can only be up so long.
  2. Curious about your 'eye sore' comment. I haven't been to the store at E. Main and Allen Heights yet, but have been twice to the one in Cottonwood Creek shopping center. It can't been seen at all from McDermott and has to be at least 200' from Greenville. Nothing on it's signage at all makes it stick out from the other stores in the center.
  3. I use Stadium Dog Grooming across from the high school on the corner of Pebblebrook and Greenville. Very satisfied with their service and personnel.
  4. FYI...if you think the mayor runs the city, you need to do some research on the city-government platform Allen operates under. You would probably retract that statement. And to say everything negative that happens in Allen is the mayor's fault falls on it's own accord.
  5. So, can you provide us with the actual ordinance that is in violation? I'm sure the mayor was referring to ordinances which are in effect.
  6. Fairview didn't vote liquor sales in. Allen did. At this point, it has to happen in Allen.
  7. Two tries at Cracker Barrel one for breakfast and one for lunch and like Al it was back to the Allen Café.
  8. Nothing official, but I did hear mentioned Total Wine was looking at the SW corner of Stacey and 75.
  9. Are you suggesting they are not held to the same standards now? I believe if the get caught they get cited as well. It's just a matter of catching them. I fully believe there are some of the larger property development/management companies who are some of the larger property taxpayers such as Twin Creeks and as previously mentioned Starcreek Commercial that has code officers look the other way. Who would they write a ticket to? They probably wouldn't have a clue. And if they did write a ticket and actually found someone in an ivory tower somewhere to send it to, the fine probably would be less than is spent on donuts each month. That is probably the real reason Starcreek and Twin Creeks can water what they want, whenever they want.
  10. Can it still be wasteful if it is well water? Doesn't the aquifer eventually flow into rivers or lakes? Sorry, didn't see your post.
  11. Well, the kicker in this whole equation is it is impossible to enforce the water restrictions. The only way to effectively enforce it would be to have 50 city employees driving every street of every neighborhood 24/7 and that isn't going to happen. Just as even a blind squirrel finds an acorn occasionally, the water restriction officer will luck out and drive up on a DTF. Their job is to enforce and issue citations, regardless of what the actual circumstances may be. Hopefully DTF's day in court will expose this flaw. In my neighborhood alone, my guess is at least 4 in 10 homes water every day in some manner. Some just water their flower beds, while some water their whole lawn, very much like many businesses in Allen do. Another 30% water twice a week, so 70% in my neighborhood alone do not adhere to the current restrictions that are in place. No one, to my knowledge, has received a citation.
  12. Definitely Legacy. Larger, cleaner, more options.
  13. Or what Denise says :-)
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