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  1. My Sport Clips guy David had enough and quit the Village at Allen location. Anyone know how to reach him? He didn't tell them where he was going or at least that is what they said. Thx
  2. My kids and I try to find someone who needs help for Christmas and directly help them. I started this with them when they were younger and now it is a must each year. Please let me know if you know someone in Allen who needs help, whether it be toys, food or clothing. Thanks, Andy
  3. We have found one or two on there who actually witnessed the accident. All the others are just passing along hearsay. Thanks!
  4. I am looking for anyone who may have witnessed an accident at Bethany and Bedell at the entrance to Bethany Lakes park on April 26, around 5:45pm. My son and his passenger were struck as they turned off of Bedell onto Bethany. Anyone who witnessed please let me know. Thanks, Andy Thompson
  5. Yeah, I'll miss those guys. Quick and painless is right. Never badgered me for extra stuff. I could tell the minute I went in that something had changed, and not for the better.
  6. They must be paying these guys by the hour. Anyone know when Exchange is supposed to be finished?
  7. andy

    Stayfit 24

    My son and I workout at Stayfit 24. Nice place, the people who work there are nice. They keep it clean. No complaints.
  8. andy


    Chimney fire. They are all ok. Fire dept. took care of it quickly.
  9. My daughter's car was totalled this year in that intersection, and I was almost hit more than once while running. I wrote the city traffic manager about getting the lights changed to left on arrow only and was told that it would impede traffic too much. Hopefully they won't wait til someone gets killed there to do something about the problem.
  10. Thank you to the lady who stayed with my daughter until I got there! You left before we had a chance to get your name, but my daughter really appreciated you helping to calm her down. She is OK. Car, on the other hand is not. Other persons fault, so we will see how it goes.
  11. Thanks! I did not think of Craigs list. In the works. Merry Christmas!
  12. My daughter and I are looking for a family to help somehow this Christmas. Anyone know anyone who has experienced unexpected hardships this Christmas?
  13. My advice is to hire a company that does this. Someone who is insured and get an electrician to add an outlet where you need it. You don't want the TV falling off the wall, and you don't want a fire. I have seen too many hatchet jobs and problems just waiting to happen. I have worked for a custom installation company for 20 years.
  14. Got the cash as promised. The regional person was very helpful. She suggested to go directly to the store manager next time I have any problems and it would be taken care of.
  15. Update- I had emailed Exxon customer service and actually got a reply. So after about 4 emails back and forth, which took about 3 days for them to get back to me, they asked me to call the 1-800 number. When I did that, I could not get an actual person, and most of the time, their phone system hung up on me. So I sent back an email telling them that it felt like they were giving me the brush off and that even though we had been Exxon customers for many years, we could take our business elsewhere. I left my cell phone and told them that they could call me if they wanted to take care of this. I got a call today, and spoke with the lady I was exchanging emails with. Very nice person, took down some information and gave me her extension should I need to call back. Got a call at 6 pm from the regional person who wants me to fax the bill from Kia for fixing the car, and I will have cash in my hand from the store on Thursday. Very satisfied!
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