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  1. The list is accurate. While not a great selection it is probably more than adequate for a sports bar. What exactly do you consider a "craft beer"? Obviously the Franconia would be a craft beer as it is brewed locally by a small brewer. But would you consider some of the more premium import beers or those brewed by a mid-sized brewery (such as Shiner) be "craft beers"? BTW - I enjoy your blog, and I'm following your beer news Twitter.
  2. Wow! That is exactly the opposite of my last visit to the Londoner. The service was great, and the fish and chips were the best I had on this side of the pond... I'm sorry that your experience was so different from mine.
  3. I was able to stop by yesterday. They are running on a limited menu until later on this week, but the menu has all of the important items: bangers and mash, shepards pie, fish and chips, chicken tikka masala, etc. If you are familiar with The Londoner in Addison or Churchill's in McKinney then you should know what the final menu will probably look like. Great selection of beers (both import and domestic), both on tap and in the bottle. My only complaint is they only have one of Franconia's beers on tap (they are only serving the hefeweizen). They have done a nice job on the interior
  4. Huzzah! :yahoo: Let the bells ring out and the banners fly. It's too good to be true but The Londoner is open!
  5. A group of us from the office just visited Allen Wickers today at lunch. It is on the southbound Central Expressway access road between Park and Parker in Plano (where the Macs used to be). It is a Pub and "European style Football" house complete with multiple flat screen TVs on each wall, a decent selection of beers (15 on tap and about 30 in the bottle), and an good menu for a Pub. They've only been open about a week and from what I understand are planning the "Grand Opening" on Friday. Today I ordered the lunch portion of Fish N Chips (they call them Scousers Delight) which are se
  6. I checked their website http://www.trinityhall.tv/Allen.htm but didn't see an explanation. Where did you see it?
  7. The "how hiring" sign has already been up for a couple of weeks, but I'm still hoping for an opening in several weeks.
  8. You mean that if I don't like a restaurant I don't have to go eat there? :yahoo: Wow! What a great idea! :bounce: I wish I knew this years ago. :wall: I never had a In-N-Out burger. But meh, it's just a hamburger. I'm not a huge hamburger fan, so I don't go out of my way for them. But if your advice is to stay away from In-N-Out then maybe I should.
  9. But the key difference is that we happen to be in Texas, not Southern California. Obviously all of the hamburger joints around town are appealing to some folk, I just don't happen to be one of them.
  10. I donno. They might be good, but the idea of eating a "fuzzy" taco doesn't sound appetizing. Normally my tacos get fuzzy only if I leave them in the 'frige too long. :bozo1:
  11. The address given in their listing is a private street, so most mapping programs will not know where it is located. Terra Mediterranean Grill is located in Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm (located at the SW corner of 75 and Bethany). It is facing the village green just a little down the street from Borders bookstore.
  12. How about The Restaurant that the End of the Universe? :bozo1:
  13. I normally prefer a BYOB at a restaurant where I would normally want wine. That way I can enjoy a quality wine of my choice (not just from their menu) and at a much better price!
  14. Why are you ordering a drink at a place which serves gelato? I didn't even know they offered anything other than coffee to go with the gelato! (That's probably why you confused the staff.) :laugh1:
  15. I went by there today at lunch. They told me that they've been open since Monday and plan on doing a grand opening sometime in the future. BTW - I thought the sipping chocolate was yummy. But next time I may get a coffee or espresso to to go with it as a chaser.
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