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  1. Just putting in my two cents worth....Have lived in Allen for 39 years and have rarely had issues with mail delivery. In Fountain Park Estates on the east side, we have uniformed mail carriers (at least, in USPS shirts, sometimes shorts, sometimes jeans). Packages are always tucked behind the porch arch as not to be seen from the street. I have a shipper that ships FedEx to USPS, so while FedEx shows delivery, it's to the USPS facility, and has a disclaimer to allow an additional 1-2 days for delivery to my home. I'm good with that. So it's clearly not a city-wide issue, but neighborhood by neighborhood. Mine's doing good since I haven't had to give them a second thought until I saw all these posts!
  2. OK, so we have the letter jacket, and we have some chenille patches that have been collected over the past couple of years. Where do we go to get the patches onto the sleeves? Someone not too expensive, reliable, and knows what they're doing?
  3. MO

    Taco Casa

    I guess I've been very fortunate at Taco Casa; I've always been greeted by a bubbly teen that seemed happy to be working there. Love the Chilada!
  4. I went several times when they opened, each time hoping they had it right, and finally gave up. Haven't been back since. Give me a Whataburger anytime. In&Out fries are practically raw unsalted potato pieces.
  5. We went last Thursday, no wait. The hostesses were a bit immature, and my teenage daughter tells me that two of the three have a drug problem. Hmmm...Maybe the manager was desperate. They did seem a little goofy. Our waiter, however, was terrific, maybe just a tad too attentive, or bored. The place was not very full. The charro beans are not really charro beans, they're just pinto beans. No real "spice" to them. Same with the rice. Daughter's quesadilla was great. I ordered chicken enchiladas with the acapulco sauce. The enchiladas were great, but I should have ordered with cream sauce. The acapulco sauce was an avocado derived sauce that was very bland. It just needed something. I felt like it was food that could have been served to a senior center. Not much bite. The chips and salsas were terrific, brought out four different salsas. Very good! Portions were very large. Went back to the bathroom, and there were five workers standing back there talking, and blocking the hallway to the restrooms. Even walking right up to them, they did not stop their casual conversation to move and let me by. I actually had to ask them to "excuse me" so I could get to the restroom. All in all, management needs to get control over the staff, and maybe step up the spices a little.
  6. Amen to that!!! Go Eagles Basketball!!!!!
  7. Heard it was precautionary due to something external happening (off campus).
  8. [big]There's alot of dirt being moved in the lot between Chicken Express and the Store More Self Storage place on East McDermott/Main Street. Any idea what's going in??
  9. Any student group can put themselves forward as a club. They need a teacher sponsor. They need to be organized. The school does not endorse the clubs, do not support nor deny the clubs. There is also a Paradigm Bible Club, The D.O.L.L.S. (Daughters of Our Living Lord and Savior)Club, The Bangrigami Club, Young Life, Muslim Club, etc. You can't prohibit any club from meeting because some people are uncomfortable with it or think it doesn't belong, because the same argument could be said for all these clubs. Where is the line drawn? Some people may think the GSA is inappropriate, while some atheist may believe the Christian clubs inappropriate in the separation of church and state. Others may feel the Muslim Club is inappropriate. The thing is, these clubs are not held during school hours, they are not a class period. They do not use state education funds. The teacher sponsors are volunteers. The groups do their own fundraising. I am glad to see all these clubs and others. I welcome more! The more clubs or groups that kids have to choose from, that reflect their own interests/lifestyles/hobbies, the less we'll have loner students. In a school this size, its important for everyone to feel they belong, wherever that is. We have an extremely diverse student body, our clubs should be equally diverse.
  10. Sundays at Dickey's kids eat free. If you sign up, Chili's regularly sends coupons for KEF. IHOP has KEF every evening after 4:00 p.m. JC's Burgerhouse, KEF every Monday and Tuesday after 4:00. I haven't checked lately, but last time I did, Steak N' Shake had KEF every Saturday & Sunday Denny's KEF on Tuesday's after 4:00. All of the above are, of course, with the purchase of an adult entree.
  11. MO

    can of worms...

    If you have any flexibility on when to have it done, wait until the insurance rolls into the next year. It won't save you any money up front, but it'll do a good job of eating up that year's deductible, making any subsequent visits for the year alot less.
  12. Having read this entire thread, this is the one statement that I actually agree with. I'm not pro-cyclist or anti-cyclist. I am pro-safety.
  13. Oh dear, that's right across from the new AISD Service Center. Won't those fuel tanks pose a dangerous situation so close to those fuel tanks?
  14. [color:blue]Come out to Yogurtville at Exchange & Greenville this Saturday, 5/25 from 10:30-3:30 and have your dirty, spotty car washing by the Allen Eagle Color Guard! You've seen them in action on Friday nights at half-time, now help support them and get a sparkling ride in return![/color]
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