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  1. They carry a nice selection of grilling supplies, especially for Big Green Eggs.
  2. Quite a nice variety of restaurants. Looking forward to checking them out.
  3. Similar situation as the OP. We are eating smaller portions in general and frequently get to go containers when eating out. Thanks for the info. Will pass on this restaurant.
  4. That's why Chicken Express is my go to chicken place.
  5. They are now open! Tried the I-40 and the chocolate and both are quite wonderful. Coconut and key lime will be next time.
  6. Did somebody say pie? You now have my attention.
  7. Maybe will give them another try at lunchtime. Went there at dinner a few months ago and was very underwhelmed. Nothing bad (and no food posoning) but overall meh.
  8. chasw

    Brass Tap

    Makes me wonder if this is within Allen city limits or in McKinney's Would not be surprised to see all that expected tax revenue going to McKinney. Nevertheless, sounds like a great place to check out.
  9. chasw

    Mio Nonno

    I've been a slacker for not posting about our favorite new restaurant of 2014. Mio Nonni always is top notch in food, service & ambience.
  10. A chocolate glazed donut from Max's is my favorite (unfortunately infrequent) treat but a hot glazed KK is a close second. Do they have a neon sign that's lit when hot donuts are available?
  11. chasw

    Biggby Coffee

    Will have to check them out. Thanks for the tip re: BOGO coupon.
  12. Thanks for the update. Getting low on Cookie Butter.
  13. Annie's Santa Fe (Greenville and Park Lane)
  14. Another Nooooooooooooooo here. Gonna miss my favortie, the Desebrada(Shredded beef) burritos with their hot sauces. Was my go-to when i needed a Tex-Mex fix.
  15. Yeah, first Trinity Hall, the Tammany Hall, now The Londoner. Pubs are definitely not welcome in Allen, which is a shame for a city this size.
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