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  1. If violaters would just quit breaking the law and driving in the HOV lane to begin with, we wouldn't have the complaints and wouldn't need it enforced....we wouldn't have the problem at all. I'd love to see a post complaining about HOV violaters rather than HOV enforcers trying to make it better.
  2. My husband and I tried this restaurant out Sunday afternoon for lunch. We drove by on Saturday and thought the place looked really cool. We didn't have the best experience and probably won't go back, unless it's just for the bar. It wasn't very busy and the staff seemed to be just standing around. Not very friendly and little to no personality. I ordered the shaved turkey club sandwich on crossiant with fries and my husband ordered a fried fish-of-the day sandwich with fries. I was told they were out of turkey but could substitute chicken. When our order came I got a chicken breast on a white seasame seed bun. He got a grilled fish sandwich on a seasame seed bun. Not very seasoned, not what we expected, and boring! Definitely not worth the price we paid and I could have done just as good cooking it at home myself. Our non-busy waiter disapeared to the back everytime we saw him. The "hostess" didn't know where they kept mustard, and the bartender, literally 5 ft away, never replenished our beers. Luckily the place was pretty cool and the draft beer wasn't screwed up, so we'll probably go there at least to check out the bar one evening. Disapointed because we were looking for a new cool place to hang out.
  3. Witnessed a rear-end and run this morning 11/8/10 at 8:20 am on McDermott, heading east and turning south to get on Central Expressway. (On the corner near the Chevron) Car that was rear-ended was a black Lexus SUV. I saw the car that hit the SUV take off as it pulled into the Chevron parking lot. Sped off down the service road then illegally got into the HOV lane on 75. Oddly enough, he pulled into a building right next door to my office in Dallas. I have the make/model & license # if the SUV driver needs it.
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