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  1. It's going to be on the corner of Greenville & Main. Planning on opening this spring
  2. AA

    Hat Creek Burger

    My wife and I went for lunch Tuesday. Just as good as the other locations we've had. Will be a great place to bring the kids
  3. Trump: China agrees to reduce tariffs on US autos https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/419386-trump-china-agrees-to-reduce-tariffs-on-us-autos?fbclid=IwAR3Ak3yFfnrTOlTKy3wpYEYtkxsaf5J-3NteoJ89r3saeFVPzddBnREXy90
  4. Building permit for El Way Taco Shop was issued last month there
  5. Glad they moved the location. Last year was crazy at City Hall
  6. It was mentioned as a rumor on another thread, but it's now confirmed that they are going in at the old Inaka Teppanyaki/Matt's Rancho building next to On The Border. I'm actually very surprised this came to Allen http://tiltedkilt.com/ http://tiltedkilt.com/allen/
  7. AA

    Hat Creek Burgers

    This will be a great addition. Sachse also has one coming soon
  8. $68 million project to double size of hospital campus "ALLEN, Texas — Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen is expanding to meet increasing demand for hospital services in Allen and throughout Collin County. The $68-million project will add a new patient care tower with 75 medical/surgical beds, along with significant new perioperative space, two new state-of-the-art operating suites and a second cardiac catheterization lab. The project will also allow for future growth as the hospital’s service area increases. In all, the new three-story structure will add more than 108,000 square feet of space to the hospital."
  9. I'm not even sure the city would allow it. I'm guessing there is a reason that we have not gotten a Hooters or Twin Peaks yet when all the surrounding cities have
  10. Had to Google what that is. That would be.... interesting. And definitely something Allen does not have. Where did you hear that from?
  11. It's been for sale for quite some time so figured the end was coming. That location is jinxed
  12. It's still listed on Watters Creek website so I don't know https://www.watterscreek.com/store/Snappy-Salads/2138939050/
  13. I've never heard of it. Is there something that makes this place different than the big box stores? Seems like a weird location too, doesn't really fit with what they are going for over there. Also see on there a 24 hour fitness coming. I wonder where?
  14. I believe I recall them saying there will be an acceleration lane similar to what they did in front of Cabela's/Target to where you wouldn't even have to stop
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