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  1. Allen ISD and the City have opposed the substation. Many of the potential sites are where the school district plans to build the STEAM center. I do not know if there has been any more recent activity.
  2. UPDATE: Found! Our foster escaped near Evans Elementary / Ridgeview between Custer and Exchange. She is Arya on the site below. https://texashuskyrescue.org/Adoption
  3. Will

    Black Walnut

    It's not like he told us he was going to say that before he blurted it out. I would love if I could guess what was about to come out of my childrens' mouths and preemptively correct them.
  4. Will

    Aloft Hotel

    Thanks for the post. This is a great addition for that area.
  5. Potbelly was at the end of the same building where Village Burger Bar is, right across from the police substation. I always thought the location was bad - there was no street exposure. We ate there several times. Ultimately what did them in was high rent.
  6. Will

    Black Walnut

    It's become a running joke in my family. We tried it once shortly after they opened with my now 6-year-old. My wife and I had the same impression as the comments above, but the kiddo hated it - passionately. The manager stopped by the table and asked how the food was and my son told him it tasted like dog food. Rather than try to get something to replace whatever it was my son had, the manager basically said "sorry." My son is now on a mission to tell everyone how terrible the place is.
  7. I doubt there would be a Whataburger - aren't they all 24-hour operations? If so, it would not be permitted there.
  8. Jersey Mike's took out a commercial finish out permit, so it looks like that is definitely a go. Jersey Mike's and Jimmy Johns going in so close together may mean that only one survives.
  9. I think that Moe's pulled out. I was looking forward to that addition. I'm not sure what is going in instead.
  10. While we don't know exactly what these thugs were thinking, one Indian family we spoke to immediately suspected just that. Other immigrants (I think one family was Chinese) may have been targeted because of a belief that they keep a significant amount of cash at home.
  11. The following was circulated last night and appears to be confirmed by a number of neighbors in the area. Some reports indicated that this group also hit a home in Waterford Parks. Very scary stuff. We live in a very safe community and it is easy to let your guard down. Urgent Allen residents!! Allen Police officer just came to my house to review security camera footage and said we have had a strong armed robbery on Rio Grande in Twin Creeks III. Three armed men came in thru a garage of someone's house and duct taped the entire family, robbed them at their house and left in what I understand is a black car. The call came into the APD at 7:45 pm. Please, please please, share so they can catch these thugs. Tell all of your family and friends what I tell my wife ***! Pull in the garage and keep your car doors locked while watching to make sure nobody sneaks in while you are not looking. Do not be texting or on phone distracting yourself from your surroundings and always wait until your garage door is completely closed to exit your vehicle. Keep all your doors locked even after you let your pets out and don't answer the door until you know who it is. I pray this poor family is okay and not harmed or distraught beyond belief. If you notice anyone or anything suspicious in the neighborhood call the APD right away.
  12. I believe the Frisco location is only open for lunch (and not open at all on Monday or Tuesday).
  13. I do not think that the setback issue had anything to do with the withdrawal of the request. My understanding is that the storage facility will not be built and that throws the entire development plan for the corner off, so they had to go back to the proverbial drawing board.
  14. I would say that Moe's is closer to Chiloso than the ones you listed. I see the taco places as different from the places that do burritos, tacos, quesadillas, salads, etc. In that category, they are all variations on a theme and there will have to be winners and losers.
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