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  1. I wantf to also pass on my praise for Dave. I had him out this week and he was honest, direct, qualified, and fair. He diagnosed our issue and we have a plan in place to resolve it. His price was better than reasonable.
  2. I just hope they now build closer to me. Please in my backyard.
  3. I hope for the sake of those in the area that something worse does not go in. This could end up biting them in the behind if another plan gets adopted that wasn't as good as this one (setback aside).
  4. Has the city provided the traffic studies? I keep hearing congestion as a reason to fight the development but is this based on speculation or supported by data?
  5. I find it funny that we get much better service from the Allen Post Office now that we moved out of Allen. We moved from a contractor serviced area of Allen to an actual USPS Carrier serviced area of Lucas. We seem to get mail much more consistently now and have not seemed to miss anything of note yet (knock on wood). I cannot even begin to describe the incompetance that was the contractor service.
  6. It's very good, but I have not been in a year. Here is another thread. Hedary
  7. mgrayar

    Car wash

    More population, more cars. Let the better service providers survive.
  8. yahoo Yahoo had an article proclaiming Cane Rosso as one of the top 33 pizza places in the US.
  9. You have to think that there is a reason the land was sold to AISD for pennies on the dollar. Developers were obviously not terribly interested in building an acre lot development there.
  10. I read somewhere that Parker has a fairly large minimum lot requirement for SFH' date=' so the new neighborhoods will probably be similar to the onoff of Allen Heights and south of Chaparral. [/quote'] Parker, Lucas, and Fairview all have 1 acre minimums. This is due to the lack of sewer. Septic requires 1 acre at minimum.
  11. Have they righted the inventory issues? We went about a month ago and nearly everything was out. So much so that we weren't offered a menu and the owner just told us the few things they had. We were the first lunch customers of the day. They were even out of plantains. What we did have we liked. Jerk and Curry chicken were both very well prepared.
  12. This is correct. It's a hard piece of property to sell. It's zoned for acreage lots and Parker has a surplus of that inventory right now. Many acreage customers are going to Lucas for Lovejoy ISD.
  13. Lights are not that easy to get approved. We tried for years to get lights put in along Stacy where several neighborhoods exit and enter their communities. Sweetwater and Star Creek Parkway. This area is by far more congested with traffic. There are times traffic is backed up bumper to bumper from 75 all the way to Watters, making it impossible to make a left onto eastbond Stacy. However, it was deemed unnecessary and as of yet those communities still deal with tremendous rush hour and weekend traffic. I wish you luck with your campaign, but I just don't see them approving lights for an area of significantly lower traffic when there are areas of much greater need. I guess it's all relative to what directly impacts you. We have moved, partly for the traffic east of 75 on Stacy.
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