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  1. Reading, Always a pleasure to have you comment on one of my posts. If you cared to actually read my post, you would know I did not put down this unknown restaurant. I said "I hope it's not a sushi buffet". Yes, sushi sitting out on a buffet line for hours on end is not something I enjoy to eat. The one time I did, let's just say it was a lesson learned. We have no idea what is going to be on their buffet, but if it is Sushi, my stomach will turn everytime I drive by. Similar to my response to tequila, but that's another story. Merry Christmas, hope you feel better!
  2. Sounds like a Benihana. maybe they will use the old bar area as a separate sushi bar, and have the restaurant area filled with hibachi tables. Not sure where the buffet fits in, but I sure hope it's not a sushi buffet. I get sick just driving by those!
  3. I believe this is opening in two stages. There are two individual parts. Coffee studio phase one. Could be wrong but was informed that it will be later for phase two' date=' the Kitchen.[/quote'] I would be surprised is either stage opens this month. They seem to be a far way off.
  4. Basically same thing. They just spend a little more for the Frex. It's still inexpensive sparkling, like most mimosas.
  5. All Mimi's sell wine. And my specific post above is what they put in them a couple years ago. Probably still the same. Wycliff is a restaurant label sparkling wine.
  6. is that something you find at the south end of the North Dallas Tollway? You can find all types there!
  7. Uncle Julios is always a good spot. Full bar so you can get anything you like, but their Bloody Mary build your own bar ensures you get it how you like it! Not sure they still have that, but here is the menu. U. J.'s Brunch
  8. Web, you might want to combine this with the previous thread.
  9. We tried the Londoner out tonight as a family. We had great service. I was really impressed with our servers attention. I had the Tiki Marsala which was very good. My wife had shepherds pie which had great flavor, although a tad bit too salty. My daughter had the kids chicken fingers which could have fed my wife and I. It came with fries. To my daughters horror, the fries had seasoning on them. You would think the world had ended by her reaction. We tried to get her to try them, no luck. Our server quickly had a plain batch of fries to our table and saved the day. She was great. We will g
  10. Brad, I agree. There are a couple restaurants with "nice" bars, but that's not really the same. Cru comes to mind as the exception, but they have expanded their menu from the south location to conform.
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