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  1. I doubt they would come to Allen. I too go there occasaionlly but several of them has closed. I used to go the one on Forest / 75... and Midway / Beltline. Both now are closed. I go the one by Presby. Hosp only when Im in the area. Now this place called "The Egg and I" is similiar to Le Peep and their second one just open in another on area Hebron and Midway. The first one is on Belt Line and Monfort. It would be nice to have one here in Allen.
  2. Curious if anyone had tried Pizza Shack on the corner of Allen Height and Exchange? If any of you tried it.. how is it? :thankyousign:
  3. As for Tammany Hall being an Irish Pub. They should have more selection in Irish menu then just the Sheperd's pie. :spin: Hope in the future theres be a place with good ole corned beef and cabbage. More Irish menu.
  4. I never been to Tammany Hall Irish Pub. I just thought Ill go try it one day. I just looked up their website and looked at their menu. I don't see anywhere that some Irish menu. Something like Corned beef and cabbage. Got me puzzled why this place is called Irish pub when there not a Irish menu but american foods. :shrug: I missed Trinity Hall as I go there for their corned beef and cabbage. Or Rueben sandwich. Know anywhere has good Corned Beef and cabbage or Rueben sandwich? :thankyousign:
  5. Its sad to see Ruth Ellen's closed. I was there a week and half ago. The place was almost packed. The foods is always wonderful. Missed their fried green tomatos. Yep, its wasnt their foods, I was told it was their job.. didnt pay the rent that caused to close down. Sad. I was told someone already bought this place and find what it will be next. I'll wait and see if its really going to be what I was told. Wait and see.
  6. Yes, its still there. Their drinks is yummy. If any of you havent tried it. Go try it.
  7. CupOfCapp


    I like this place and love their Shrimp Lettuce Wrap. I ordered it again the other day. I first time order Margarita and was surpirse it was small. Its good though. But to my surprise when the bill came showing 9 dollars for the maragrita. Its a good thing I only order it once. I have been other places that their margarita was the right size and the cost be about $5.99 t0 $6.99. But at BJ, a small maragarita for $9.00, I wont order it again. I will still go back but will stick Iced tea or water.
  8. Wonder if anyone had lunch at Jays Fine Burgers today? A friend and I went there for lunch today. While I was eating a hamburger, I didnt know if it was me or its the hamburger that it kinda didnt taste right. Then when I got home, I felt sick. Thought it was me until later my friend who ate with me called me and told me she felt sick afterward. I told her I did too felt sick. So wonder if anyone who ate there today has the same experienced?
  9. Their foods is really good and yeah a bit pricey... especially their fried green beans. Then recently, went back again for their hamburger and fried green bean to take home. When I got home and find the portion of the fried green beans was smaller. With the price and smaller portion? Maybe it just happened that day? I still will go back but not sure about ordering fried green bean again.
  10. Has anyone tried Zoes Kitchen in Plano? (on Preston Rd.. between Park and Plano Parkway..on the west side of Preston Rd) The foods are Mediterrianean / Greek. Healthy.. no frieds foods..No Beef. Very good. Wish theres one here in Allen. Their website is...... www.zoeskitchen.com
  11. Since you mention this advertise in Allonline.. I looked for it and don't see it. Was wondering where Dragon's Gate is located and does it have a website? Thank you..
  12. yes it ranch dressing that came with Fried Green Beans. I had it and its good. with Fried Potato Chips ..homemade Onion dip you can get it for 75 cents.
  13. Agree, El Grande rocks !! Freebirds, ugh.....terrible.
  14. I have been to both in Plano and McKinney. But havent been to it for a while. Their foods is very good. It sad that the one in Plano closed. I had hoped it moved somewhere else. As for in McKinney, not sure if it still there. I hope so. I would like to go back one day soon.
  15. I used to go there for their Fish Tacos but noticed the portion on the rice and black beans got smaller. Its like having enough for three small bites of rices and beans. Never went back again. I didnt want to spend for that price for that small portion of rice and beans.
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