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  1. Thanks for the information.
  2. I remember the post office before the current one. If you think this one is small.... We were thrilled when they expanded the present one. I would like them to keep it east of Central Expressway and we definitely need a bigger parking lot.
  3. Elliott's is a fun place to browse around even if you don't need anything. You never know what you will find! I'm a big fan of hardware stores. I used to love to go to the local hardware store when I was growing up and check everything out. It's where I use to get my "skate keys" for those of you that remember the day!
  4. I don't get that policy, it's ridiculous! You paid for the food, it's yours. Do they do "take out?" It's the same thing.
  5. Sounds exciting! Many people don't realize how diverse Allen is and what a plus this is for our community. Our children are getting a wonderful experience.
  6. This is also how they slaughter "kosher meat."
  7. I have used both advertisers on Allen Online. Both are very good and they both take insurance. http://www.allenonline.com/cat/optometrists/
  8. I got the same call and it didn't seem kosher. I told him I was out of work and couldn't help. He hung up graciously.
  9. Every neighborhood has a different day for large trash pickup. Here's a link to the city website that will give you the info you need. You will need to make an appointment even for your designated day. http://www.cityofallen.org/926/Trash-Recycling
  10. We switched to Ambit Energy 6 months ago and I'm loving the money we have been saving. There hasn't been any issues and we just re-signed again. I can't believe how long it took us to get away from TXU Energy but finally made the change.
  11. Triumph I'm glad to hear that! Our advertisers are of the highest integrity or we wouldn't be happy having their name linked with ours.
  12. Try the plumbers who advertise here on allenonline. They help support this website. We have used everyone of them for different things that needed to be done in our house. http://www.allenonline.com/cat/plumbing/
  13. Try calling the Allen Online advertisers who support this website. http://www.allenonline.com/cat/garage-doors/
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