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  1. I order food from there last night for delivery and my order never came ,I called about my order and now they did not answer the phone, .
  2. On my last night to get my van done by the Cheer Squad I notice that Bar A Cuties was closed. I saw a sign in the window that said Notice. I did not read the small print as I was driving.
  3. JC burgers ,they cook the burger fresh .
  4. Hope to see y'all today. Great vendors and crafts . Get an early start on Christmas
  5. This Side Up 1100 Capitol Ave Plano TX 75074 Cross street Ave K [Hwy5] and Capitol 10:00 -3:00
  6. We had dinner there tonight. Food was ok . Service was horrible,had to ask for silverware,sweetener for tea,sauces,refill on drinks. Bought my husband food out then served other tables, still waiting on my food. Finally got my food and it was ok. We will not be back. This is just a post ,no one in particular
  7. Driving by last night about 7, notice that Jalapenos Grill looked closed.Any one knows what going on.
  8. Had lunch there last week ,I agree across the street is better. The only item that was real good was the baked crab.
  9. Had dinner there tonight. It was ok my mushroom burger was Well done and a little greasy.may try them again just make sure they grill the onions and mushrooms separate..
  10. Where can I get the coupon? wreath1
  11. Had lunch there today JC Burger are soooooooooo much better. Way over over priced for not so good burgers.
  12. Jalapeno Grill Bar-a-cuties El Grande burrito Cheddars Chicken express
  13. We love :heart: their steaks and prices. We like the coupons and had fun doing the commercial. This is their decision to make a commercial. I hope that they are here for a long time.
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