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  1. It looks like they've started working on something next to Hat Creek. Does anyone know what it is going to be? Heard rumor about a Starbucks.
  2. i'm sorry about your pets. Do you have a community FB page that you could list them on? We have one in our subdivision and people are always listing things. You could also try the Allen Community Outreach. They accept donations in their location over by the Braums.
  3. Very curious, has anyone tried it yet?
  4. Only 3 things will tell the truth... Kids, drunks and yoga pants :-)
  5. Have to agree! Just called in an order the other night and hubby picked it up on his way home. Eat in or at home, it's always good!!
  6. I dialed the number I had for Chef Tony's (was programmed in my phone) and they answered "Yes Pizza". I ordered on my way home from work and was told 15 minutes. I arrived there a good 20 min later and still had to wait an extra 5 minutes. I have a problem when ordering ahead of time and being told one time and then arriving to an empty place and still having to wait. All that said, the pizza was okay. It was not anything special but wasn't bad either. It was very similar to Marco's pizza. The price was good ($7.54 total) for a 2 topping large. Chef Tony's had a unique style of pizza whereas this place is just average. Service was friendly and I wish them success but unless they do something to set them apart from all the other pizza options in Allen, they are going to fall through the cracks. Just my opinion.
  7. Kristale

    Brass Tap

    No reviews on this place? We went on Tuesday and were very pleased with the selection of beers (on tap and bottled) and the food menu. Typical pub grub but the pepperoni pizza on pretzel crust was really tasty. My husband liked the Scottish ale they had on tap. It's also "Taco Tuesday" and my hub had 2 street tacos with chips and salsa that he enjoyed. Our bill, 2 drafts beer, individual pizza and tacos was $27. Not bad at all. I think we've found a new spot to add to our rotation.
  8. We tried it. Wasn't going to post anything, but since someone asked, here goes. In all fairness, I think it was the first day they opened, so maybe it's improved since then. We went basic and got a large pizza with sausage. I ordered it before I left work to pick up on my way home. When I arrived almost 30 minutes later, it wasn't ready and I had to wait additional 10 minutes or so. We were less than happy with the pizza. I tried to eat it because I hate to throw money away, but neither of us liked it and we ended up tossing the majority of it. Unless I see some genuine stellar reviews of the place, we won't be going back.
  9. The weird thing is, we don't start smelling it until we're about 7 minutes or so into the shower. Hopefully ours will go away soon too!
  10. I've noticed it in the shower recently. Was beginning to think it was the pipes or something but after reading this it sounds like something else.
  11. We take all 3 of our dogs to Petsmart Grooming at the Villages. I highly recommend Robin. She always does a fantastic job. She is the only person I trust with my 13 yr old dachshund.
  12. The menu is making me hungry!
  13. We tried it yesterday. Ordered through the drive-thru. Got the chuck wagon meal - half pulled pork and half chopped brisket, with cole slaw and ranch beans. I had the pork and my husband tried both. I enjoyed it all. My husband said he like the brisket better. We will go again but next time probably eat there so we can try something else.
  14. I heard from somewhere that Fuzzy's Tacos was going in...
  15. I have been twice now. I went inside once also the drive-thru at approximately 7:45 a.m. on a weekday. The drive-thru is very slow but if you go inside there was almost no line at all. Plus, the drive-thru got my order wrong.
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