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  1. I don't donate to anyone that i don't check out - these charity "scammers" just make me mad. Mom got on the hook before she died - phone and mail. They took her for thousands of dollars before we had to insist she go to assisted living. We talked and talked and talked to her but she would not listen to my brother and I just kept writing checks. At one point she was giving away 90% of her monthly social security check. The lobbyists saving social security were the worst.
  2. I have also used Premier Wood Care to stain my new patio cover. Very pleased with the work and the price, They did not leave a mess for me to clean up - it was as if they were never there.
  3. So excited that Aldi is coming to Allen - they can't build it fast enough for me
  4. I used Duck Fence for my patio cover and fence. Ron is a wonderful to work with. Would use him again without a doubt,
  5. My first thoughts on this since it was a private pool - did any adults know about this. This is a private pool with rules and the kids didn't abide by them. All because you get a social media party invite doesn't mean you should go. Kids need to respect other's property. Neighbors reported the fighting at the pool to the police - they had no idea what they were walking into. I think the kids have some responsibility in this. What if they had been a private home. Fifty kids crash your backyard without permission for a year end party - someone get's hurt - you the homeowner will get sued.
  6. catlady

    Rosetta Stone

    Has anyone every used Rosetta to learn a language?? I've always want to take Spanish and this option seems to convenient.
  7. I have a large window in my master bedroom. Currently I have curtains that draw. Been thinking about when I re-do the master next year about installing plantatian blinds. Reason being the blinds will be easier to keep clean after retirement. The curtains are so big- you can't take them down to launder them What are your thoughts - yea or nay??
  8. catlady

    PC question

    I know that I'm not PC literate. A friend was telling me they got hit by "ranson virus" where your PC get's encrypted and you pay the bad guys to unlock your PC. According to them there is no way around it. The are going to restore the system to 2 months ago before they virus to get rid of it. This just sounds too easy.
  9. This is so dumb - When the water regulations started I was on board with everything. My problem with the City is they don't enforce the rules. I know that a local Allen business watered twice a week all of last summer just ignoring the rules. Yes, I turned them in. I know a business landscape uses a lot more water than my little yard. They were never given a notice. Some one around the corner from me put in new grass in August and they watered every day. No notice there either. I
  10. catlady

    My First Car

    great memories Mine was a 1968 Plymouth valiant - it was like a Sherman tank
  11. that's the same response I got - No one cares. If my money isn't good enough to treat me right - then I found someone else. Again, can't say enough good things about cititurf.
  12. I used SkiScapes for over 8 years until the last year. I also had the same problem with pure lack of customer service. I moved to Cititurf this season and can not speakly highly enough of Citi. They are so wonderful to work with. If you try them, PM me for a referal name.
  13. In a world of where you don't expect customer service from corporate America - got to give Crest a shout out.I bought some Crest white stripes and was not happy. The box said you could call for a refund if you still had your original sales receipt. I didn't have the slip. I e-mailed then my comments on the product. I told them I thought they were hard to use and maybe someone younger with more dexterity in their fingers would have better luck. Crest e-mail me back in a couple days and they are refunding my money via a debit card.
  14. Pete with Tremmell Elec is a :heart:
  15. I will be thinking about Big Boy Combo plates for the rest of the day.
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