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  1. Have to agree re: cost. Went for lunch a couple weeks ago with my mom. We both ordered a their signature salad and a cup of tomato bisque. Bill was $30+. Way too expensive. I like their food, but the price...won't go there often.
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    Totally agree with the Sweet Tomatoes comment. There used to be another decent salad only place in the strip on McDermott and 75, but the rent went up and it shut down. Would love to see a Sweet Tomatoes!
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    Thank you all! I tried Snappy Salads this weekend. Very good, but a little far. I've also had salads at Jason's Deli. Also good (especially the Nutty mixed up salad). I completely forgot there was one in Allen. Will check out Whole foods next.
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    Where in Allen can I get a great (large, fresh, tasty) salad?
  5. When is this new restaurant opening?
  6. Thank you! My daughter is going to be so excited to hear that we can renew our pizza and ice-cream outings. Brooklyn's + Marble Slab = LOVE! We missed Marble Slab!
  7. Great wings place! I had a quick lunch there about a week ago. I ordered wings with the medium buffalo sauce, sweet potato fries, and a sweet tea. Excellent meal! I will definitely revisit often.
  8. Too close to Hibachi Rock to be successful, in my opinion. I will definitely try it out though.
  9. Not really. I took my sister over Christmas to In and Out since she's never tried it. We ordered 2 double doubles animal style, 2 fries w/ cheese (to attempt to make them more palatable) and 2 regular shakes. Total = $22. That's what I typically spend for 2 people at Mooyah and what I paid at Five Guys this weekend for 2 burgers 2 drinks and a large fries.
  10. Finally tried this and the burger was delicious...very fresh. The fries were pretty good, but nothing close to Mooyah. Mooyah is my pick of the two, but I'll definitely visit Five Guys again. Too many good burger joints within a short driving distance to ever pick In and Out when craving a burger, imho.
  11. I'm surprised at all the restaurants that will be open this Thanksgiving. Has it always been that way here? We're from NY and everywhere is closed.
  12. We'll be heading to Braza this year. We're starting to cook less and less big holiday meals. Easier to eat out.
  13. We had lunch there this weekend. As many have mentioned, it was virtually empty. There was one other customer there, but two others came when we were on our way out. We ordered 2 lunch specials - general tso's and sesame chicken with miso soup, wanton soup and egg rolls. Everything was great except the wanton soup which tasted strongly of msg. We will likely visit again or get take out. I hope business picks up for them. I think they may need to try what Panda Express did last year: have a free entree day. Yes, they will lose money, but they need to advertise to improve business.
  14. I did not like this restaurant nor did my daughter. I loved the decor, but the food was quite gross and my standard for Chinese buffet food is not that high. I tried a little of everything and did not find much that I thought was very tasty and would eat again. I'll stick to the one across the street. The one in Frisco and Plano are still better though.
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