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  1. Granddaughters birthday was last Saturday so in order to send her a couple cards to get there in time, I got to the post office early Friday morning. Since she lives in Plano.....I thought surely they would arrive on time.....wrong......they actually arrived on Wednesday. Wow.....who knew it would take that long for 2 regular sized, no extra postage cards to take almost a week to be delivered??
  2. Is there anyone who will come to the house to get our TV set up with the sound bar, dvd, etc. and not charge a fortune?
  3. We are getting condensation in between the glass panes on several windows in our house. Can it be repaired for will we need new windows? I saw an ad for WRS and since they are local, thought someone may have used them. Or looking for any good recommendations....thanks!
  4. While walking this morning, a woman told me she saw 10 coyotes at the park next to Boone Elementary and as I walked by this morning, I spotted 5 or 6. Isn't this considered a "pack"? Even a pack of dogs is scary. We've contacted animal control before when there were 2 in our back woods and told that they are not dangerous and there has NEVER been a reported danger with them. I don't believe it...what if they were in the mood to tear into my dog? Can't anything be done? Especially with children right next door at the school. I would like to feel free to walk in the park.
  5. We got gift cards too....after I sent an e-mail to home office. We had a party of 16 for a special breakfast last year and the service was TERRIBLE and we waited forever for our food. Some of it was even cold...they must not have large parties often. Haven't been back.
  6. So sad for Village of Fairview....
  7. Went there today for ice cream...closed and tables were all stacked inside.
  8. Thank you....that's what I needed to know.
  9. I've read much of the information on the City of Allen page regarding codes regarding lawns and trees but did not see a specific range of length of grass that is allowed. I thought someone once told me the grass shouldn't be more than 10" in height. I'm concerned because this backyard lawn is never mowed and it has become a haven for rats, mice, armadillos, and possum. Wouldn't this be considered a health hazard?
  10. Why not just keep the cars in garage....would make for a much nicer looking residential area also!
  11. Already spoke with her twice..dead end. Will definitel contact him...thank you for the information. Also, I failed to mention that the water bill we received did not have any readings on it...that area was blank but when I spoke to the cashier she gave me the numbers. They could say we used 1,000,000 gallons and we couldn't argue it right?
  12. Thank you for such informative responses. We've tried to deal with the people at the City but they are not willing to make any considerations.I couldn't get past the cashier at the City to talk to anyone else but after reading all your calculations, we are going to try again. We never had any run off into the street, there were not even any puddles, it was just a slow drip.
  13. We actually had the roots cut....that's why we were running the hoses. Guess I'll try to fight it.
  14. It was necessary for us to run our drip hose(and it was a drip!) for 6 weeks, 24 hrs. a day, because of foundation problem. I can't believe this could be possibly correct....City of Allen says they checked our meter. How much does it cost to fill a new swimming pool? I don't think what we did would fill a pool....or would it? Isn't that about 10,000 gallons?? I know others have had trouble because of new meters, but if it's right, I'll accept it. Any mathematicians out there??? Thanks so much!!
  15. Do you have someone that is really good at giving a diagnosis for my dog who is limping? Went to our vet here in Allen with no answers and would just like to get a second opinion. Thanks.
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