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  1. Thank you for the responses. I'll try that. I agree that they should be able to change the timing of the light. I understand they changed the light for "school rush hour" and agree something needed to be done for that. But they definitely don't need it during off school times, breaks, summer, etc. Maybe if enough people complain we can get it changed.
  2. Recently, the city changed the left turn light at Rivercrest and Greenville to a turn on green arrow only. While I whole heartedly support this change, it should only be a green arrow only during school hours and school days. I make this turn everyday (not during the "school rush hour") and everyday I decide this is the worst light in Allen! I have looked everywhere I can think, but not sure who the appropriate person/department would be. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Janes . . . I also had something that's been sitting at the Coppell post office since December 10th. I just received an email saying that it was received by the Allen post office on December 27th. Maybe yours finally made it to Allen, as well.
  4. Hi! Maybe I'm not wording what I'm looking for correctly, so I thought I'd try again! :spin: I'm looking for companies who can install a flat screen tv on the wall and hook up surround sound around my living room. Also, would like speakers installed outside so I can have music playing outside in the backyard, when I want. Hopefully someone out there has had this type of installation at their house and can give me a good place to start. Again, I greatly appreciate any help! Thanks!
  5. I'm looking for some recommendations on media (tv/surround sound) installation companies. I appreciate any help offered. Thanks!
  6. I am looking for a good child/teen psychiatrist, preferably in Allen or close by. I appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!
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