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  1. Nope - no defense. But her 'mouth' ignited the situation. Two XXXX collide.
  2. Lots of coverage on this one. He has a page where he's been trying to fund some AIDS organization. He's not your standard run-of-the-mill XXXXX. He lost his wife a couple years ago and has adotpted a German Shepard who is now his sole companion apparently. It was all in the interview they did with his neighbors. I also saw her interview and she's not so little miss innocent as she is trying to convey. She said he stopped in the center lane "for no apparent reason". So as is the case with most impatient XXXXX drivers who can't be delayed for one second unless they need to be on their devices, she lays on the horn and most likely aggressively swerved around him (she claims she calmly went around - lies lies and more lies). She even said he turned on his hazards so why she couldn't be more patient - well she ignited the situation and is lucky she's not dead. He's lucky he's not going up on murder. Just another case of when two XXXXX collide. The bigger problem is why can't people be civil in their cars? Why are societal norms put on hold the minute you enter a vehicle? I have a situation here where I know someone who is very 'normal' until he gets behind the wheel. Then the aggression comes out. People in my office will trip over themselves to let the other person off the elevator first. The minute they get in their vehicles it's "ME ME ME"..... You will notice that your choice of words to describe the driver has been edited out. Your continued use of that term is borderline soft profanity for this community and has been reported. Please understand that your message and comments are an excellent contribution to the thread. Let's have the community members focus on the substance of your post and not an individual term. Community Manager
  3. Wunderground station at Angel Parkway is reporting 105 today (6/9/2015 - 2pm). Did it really get this hot? Other temperature sites are showing 95 which is more believable. Maybe that sensor is sitting directly in the sun on the pavement?!?
  4. Is there a way to go see the dam? I google street viewed some of the roads down there and have no idea how to get to the dam.
  5. Never thought I'd see it go above the 2010 levels, but there it is. Looking at the lake in person it 'looks' flooded. Wish it could stay that way :{
  6. Greycie


    We gave it two chances after the first instance when we said we'll never go back. Hard to survive the business climate when a customer who wants to go keeps swearing they'll never go back.
  7. I have a neighbor that drives her kids 1059 feet to the school. Yes, I measured because I can't believe how unbelievably lazy people can be.
  8. Levels are still rising - are they trying to prevent flood pool?
  9. We had to go look at it tonight. Haven't been over the two bridges in a couple weeks. Looks like we have a lake again - and more rain forecast. We're thinking of getting a pet alligator for our back acreage. It's a swamp now.
  10. I do not know what's going on north of 380 on 75, however, coming south: east on 380 to Highway 5 southbound.
  11. And the fact he says most of us know nothing about honor. I bet there are a lot of Veterans on this board that know plenty about duty and honor.
  12. See Great American Cleanup 'Location #2' at: http://www.cityofallen.org/DocumentCenter/View/224
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