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  1. Before looking to our business guide in here, I ask fellow members this. Please send privately, any input you have on selecting a local electrician.
  2. Mario, thanks. Thanks Debbie. Yes I too promote that, just couldn't access them.
  3. Okay, one of the plumbing issues resolved, thanks to suggestions in here. Now a new electrical issue. My ailing computer won't access the two Companies in here. Any input on a local response to change a fuse behind the breaker panel, is appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the help folks. I did find a great local resource another friend recommended. A next and bigger plumbing problem means I may be seeking more resources, yikes.
  5. Okay folks, long time no-posting, but need some recommendations on any of the plumbing companies here in AO. Private messages are welcome anytime.
  6. Always neat to preserve and share history.
  7. Some cities it will be Traffic Signal Division. I think Allen has the Engineering and Traffic folks together. Try that. Remember you can find all the City stuff in here.
  8. Hmmm, been years since I used one, though I want to again. I think some of these did cause local issues then but I'm not sure they would with today's TV's?
  9. I have a good one in Plano, if you need more input?
  10. There are reasons certain cultural groups are targeted, yes. But the two important things here to me are 1) they're being rounded up for their crimes 2) more reason to take precautions to save yourself from bad actors.
  11. I was wondering if the ones they hunt this morning are related, but we'll know more later I imagine.
  12. Chip's, Zuider Zee, Underwood's, Chicken Delight (don't cook tonight call Chicken Delight). Then of course all the local grills in pharmacies/stores.
  13. Alley? Heck they're jaywalking IMHO. And humans in an alley are a hazard to navigation.
  14. This is not an unusual event. But here's an idea just like the hornet spray described for home defense, carry spray paint on your rides/walks. Mr. exposure arrives, just paint him as your dart away. Describe the paint to authorities. It might work.
  15. This does happen, and some crooks when captured had a house full of other people's mail. MO, Fountain Park may have good results but remember some of my earlier posts.....years ago when I was receiving mail for nine different Allen addresses, some of these were in FP. So I kinda sorta made sure they got delivered properly.
  16. Haha, you may be right. But the low level croutons might be looking for easy stuff and guns so an experienced car may still be targeted. Sad state of affairs out there.
  17. Great update. Thanks for clearing it up succinctly and professionally.
  18. This has been a popular thing for a long time, all over the place. Air bags, tailgates, wheels, tires, you name it.
  19. Well we now have the City's perspective (in this thread), and citizens see a little bit of the inner workings of the local Department. Of course it begs questions and now there may be some opportunity for local personnel to improve their environment. But the good news is that many of us helped spread the word in Facebook, and the shirts are gone now I think. The Cause is just and this effort supported by First Responders happens each year ALL over the place.
  20. I know I sometimes stop somewhere in parking lots too and finish the bank ticket. But I do think about what it might look like to them. I also back into spaces (safer practice) and often wonder if it looks like a getaway position.
  21. Besides sports shops ya might consider the motorcycle dealerships? They probably know someone that does this for their "leathers".
  22. Be alert folks. Robberies aren't a new thing and typically many weren't even aware of it. Today however there seems to be an increase in the way its done (I don't know anything about those mentioned here), as far as violence. Takeover style assaults are potentially dangerous.
  23. That's not much to go on. Post a pic next time, or on FB in a snake page. Many people post there and then folks can help identify them. We have both kinds of these critters all around us and in our yards.
  24. Mostly the bad guys that steal groceries are not hungry. It would be unusual to see any hungry people around. Mostly we see cowardly criminals preying on others until someone stomps the cockroach juice out of them. May we get some opportunities to stomp on these perps.
  25. Cool. I didn't know there were any local units. That was the first of the youth programs I was in.
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