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  1. I would love a Pinstack in Allen! It's not just a bowling alley and the food is really good.
  2. Went there last week and the pesto pasta side was beyond greasy and oily. Orange oil was saturating my sandwich. Also, the place was really dirty. Plates left on the tables long after people left, food and trash all over the floor throughout the place. I went up to the manager very nicely and he basically dismissed me. Said something like "oh that's nice of you" and then told someone to go clean.
  3. He is still grooming but not in this area. That's all he said.
  4. I am friends with him on facebook and will find out and let you know!
  5. Melissa J


    Yep, Le Madeleine is going in. What's sad is that I heard the employees of Mimi's found out that day when they came in to work that the restaurant was closing. No notice! So terrible!
  6. Thanks for the inspection scores. What's interesting is that last time I was in there (month ago) they had a couple of D Magazine Best Restaurant awards on the counter. How does that happen???
  7. Absolutely love My Perfect Floor. They do an awesome job and are very honest and reasonable. They took our area rug offsite to clean and then returned it in addition to cleaning all of our carpets. They looked great afterwards. I have referred them to a few friends and they use them now too. http://www.myperfectfloor.com/mpf/Home.html
  8. I'm pretty sure the Purple Cow closed because it was disgusting! Food on the floor everywhere, flies buzzing inside and outside, teenagers running the place, service was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! waited over an hour for food with 4 hungry kids who wanted to talk to the manager themselves. it was a joke. if it was run better i fully believe it would still be open. kid friendly restaurant, good location with water area is hard to come by.
  9. Very excited! Trader Joes is coming to Mckinney off of Eldorado in place of World Market.
  10. There's always Amazon :-)
  11. Ok have to rant...I just posted this on Yelp (never do this) but just had to! It's about the Cube Smart Storage/US Postal (yeah right!) @ Angel & Stacy. Anyone else have a bad experience??? My review... -10 stars if I could! Awful awful awful! Do they not realize that their sign off of Angel says U.S Post Office??!! Apparently not because the 4-5 times I've gone in to send anything they tell me they don't do that. And they are so rude about it! My husband had the worst experience last week when he went in to send off an already labeled package. He asked if they could tape the box and she said they don't do that BUT he's in luck because someone left some scotch tape and he can use it. The rudeness just continued after that. She was so condescending too! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING HERE!!!!!! THEY ARE SOOOO RUDE! Mind you-I think this is the 2nd review i've ever posted on Yelp so this goes to show you how strongly I feel!
  12. Melissa J

    Jimmy John's

    So excited! Love JJ's! Trying to pin where this will be though...
  13. So glad to have read your post! I moved here from Chicago and am always looking for some authentic, classic, chicago fare. Now if I could just find pizza puffs!
  14. We are having the same issues. So frustrating! We too ordered Amex gift cards and 3 times they've been "lost". Placed an order through Amazon for a digital piano which was to be delivered today and guess what?? Nothing!!!!!!! There's got to be something we can do other than call the 800#!
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