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  1. I am on the chambers committee, and believe it or not, when they are done with the rebuild, almost every single space in Fairview is rented out.
  2. They actually have just as much clothes on as you see at the public swimming pools, dont see nobody complaining about that? Or cheerleaders outfits on Friday night games? It's not like its a strip club people.
  3. I don't know the exact time, but it was faster than my nieces graduation in Frisco, they moved pretty fast with the names.
  4. I live in the Lofts at Watters Creek and have been hearing that Snappy Salads backed out, so I am not sure what will be taking their place.
  5. I would love a great bbq place, but I really wish we could get a good old fashion ice cream/dessert type place, have it fixed up like the early days and have jukeboxes and old time feel inside and maybe even a drive-in style like Dairy"ette in Mesquite or Kellers.
  6. Come on people,,,I think we all know why they dont allow that, because all people would have to do is order a whole batch of extra meats right before they leave, even after they are full, and take it hoke just to have extras. Babes Chicken House does the same thing, they will let you take your biscuits and meat left over, but not the sides, which are unlimited.
  7. We love Whiskey Cake and Super Chix is good also. I still don't understand the Jamba Juice thing, since Allen has one already but it's not listed on their website? I dont get it. Blue Fish will do great at both locations, I doubt they close the one in Watters Creek.
  8. This place just opened a couple weeks ago, and we were excited to go try it out. Well we were let down by the quality of food. I got the fajita enchiladas, steak was very chewy. Wife got fajitas, said the chicken was good, but same result with steak, was very chewy. Kids got cheese enchilada's and did not care for them or the beans. The only thing we did like was the queso, chips and salsa and the margaritas were great. We went on a Saturday when it was slow around 3pm, but they only had one guy serving and they were fairly busy and it took forever to get refills or any other service. Maybe I will give them a few months and try again, but for the price of the food, I would rather go somewhere else.
  9. My wife is a realtor and usually finds these things out pretty quick before they go on the market if you need her contact info.
  10. La Finca is good but so small inside. And a mexican food place with no margaritas?
  11. We liked it the first two times we ate there, but my wife and son went last week, my wife said the chicken had a weird plastic taste, they ate it and both ended up sick. Not sure what was wrong with it, but guessing it was bad chicken.
  12. Chicken Express has good catfish also if you have never tried it.
  13. So I am always looking at the health scores at places and noticed a few that I dont understand. Cafe Del Rios got a 70, that is pretty pathetic coming from a place that always gets high scores at their other locations like the one in Lufkin, just shows how management makes a difference. Mom's Cafe AGAIN made under a 70 with a 69 score, that makes the last two times they have checked them they have a extremely low score and not sure why the city does not make them make DRASTIC changes. Scotty P's and Liberty Burger got great scores, Scotty p's was a 100, but Mooyah Burger was a 73, not good. Siler Tai got a 76, which is what they always average and my stepson worked there and said the kitchen is nasty all the time. So here is the kicker, Long John Silvers got a 90!!! If you have been to this place you would agree that this is a place you would think a 70 or so is what I expected. I have been in the food business and understand how picky they are when they come in and score, but in NO WAY!! should a food place ever score under a 80.
  14. Heck Golden Chick has been closed for along time now. When I asked the owner of the store about it a couple months ago he said the city was making them update it because it was so run down looking. So looks like RaceTrac it is
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