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  1. Thanks for the response!!
  2. As I don’t shop very often at Whole Foods Fairview (or any Whole Foods for that matter), I was wondering if anyone knows what they are building next to it. Are they expanding the store, or is the construction unrelated?
  3. It has been awhile for me, but we went to the office in McKinney. The best time for the shortest wait, from what I remember, was first thing in the morning. Another option, would be to go to a SuperCenter where you can make a reservation, though if I recall correctly, one is not really all that close...
  4. There are some good non-chains/small chain restaurants in town like Roman Cucina. Each time we have gone there we have enjoyed the food; they have some good sized portions on top of that! Ultimately, Allen is a chain town, but there are some locally owned places if you look.
  5. We've always had good experiences with AB Moving...
  6. While driving down Chapparel between Greenville and Jupiter, I've noticed there are outlets for street lights, but none are there. Is this an issue between Allen and Plano, or is there another reason why there are no lights?
  7. Came across this article with more information ... http://dallas.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/08-18-17-texas-land-cattle-steakhouse-closes-locations/
  8. We drove by Texas Land and Cattle this evening and they had a sign on the door that it is closed... Did a quick glance on their website and Fairview was no longer listed.
  9. I saw this on the news, then on ACTV's YouTube section... It's neat to watch...
  10. Reading Karlsays' post above, it sound like an rather he's scared for Max's and trying to put a competitor's name in the mud. I for one am excited for Krispy Kreme no matter how "stupid" and unnecessary he thinks it is. When I go to a doughnut shop in the future, I will go to Krispy Kreme. I personally have not been that impressed with any of the billions of local doughnut places, including Max's, that populate Main Street. Just because a business is local does not make it better; I have no problem supporting and rooting for local when it is better. But for me, when it come to doughnuts, local does not equal better. Why another doughnuts shop in Allen? My guess is because those opening the Krispy Kreme felt Allen is still an untapped market with good demographics and that their location will be a good draw not only from Allen, but also Plano, McKinney and elsewhere; Krispy Kreme is still a destination location. As for Bahama Bucks, they must have hit a great untapped market as they are able to build a new store here and more throughout Texas and beyond, while making money at it. Before them, I never knew snow cones could make that much money year round. To get the post back to Krispy Kreme; they pushed the date back to TBD on the website. Hopefully it'll be open by the end of January, early February at the latest.
  11. The Dallas Morning News has a story on this as well; mostly the same as above... http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2014/12/police-say-robbers-broke-into-two-allen-homes-bound-victims-with-duct-tape.html/
  12. Just checking out the Krispy Kreme site and noticed they have set December 15 as their Grand Opening date!! I have not yet decided if I will be camping out for opening yet, but if you're part of the first 100 it can be worthwhile...
  13. I love the Round Rock doughnut, but unless someone with a lot money can convince them to franchise and bring it up here, they are a rare treat; something about that color and taste. Too much to ship them up here... If they were closer, that would be a true doughnut game changer!! :texas4:
  14. I absolutely love Krispy Kreme! I will drive down to Dallas to go get them. To me, nothing can beat the KKD hot glazed doughnut (Shipley's can do a good hot glazed, but not like KKD) that melts in your mouth. I've tried the local shops, but to me none of their doughnuts are near taste of Krispy Kreme. KKD should do a good business here, as it should pull people who like KKD doughnuts from the surrounding areas until some of those cities get their own. However, I wish they would have picked a different spot as the location seems like it will be a pain to get in and out of.
  15. From what another thread says, it sounds like that is where Pollo Tropical is going to be... http://www.allenonline.com/fusionbb/showtopic.php?tid/22579/all/1/
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