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  1. I would assume it would still be the PUC (Public Utilities Commission)
  2. I like Rosa's Cafe. Especially the Taco Tuesday special. A lot of good food for a low price.
  3. I seem to remember a big debate about them being an eyesore. They were supposed to do some kind of special painting...don't remember what it was though.
  4. La Finca is the best. No one else comes close!!!
  5. That's probably one of the reasons I did not know. I try to never go down Stacy. When I go to Village At Allen, I come in the back way off of Exchange.
  6. I didn't know that the Village At Fairview had changed their name.
  7. Article in Allen American: http://starlocalmedia.com/allenamerican/news/decision-on-stacy-green-development-in-allen-delayed-again/article_fea5f462-aec1-11e7-95ff-7f7359446c64.html
  8. I remember that. When we moved here there were on two signal lights. Main & Hwy 5 and the newly installed Bethany & Hwy 5. Nothing west of 75 except the McDonalds and the sides (bar ditch?) of McDermott were so steep, most of the time your car would turn over if you went off the road. I remember a cement mixer doing that. It took them a very long time to get it back out and up-righted.
  9. Of course we all know it is #1 Money said Allen is the #2 place to live in America http://time.com/money/collection/best-places-to-live-2017/4924869/allen-texas-2/ Here is the full list: http://time.com/money/collection/best-places-to-live-2017/ Go Allen!!!
  10. I wonder if that's why they were looking to get "Allen" out of their name....so they could move?
  11. The Texas Revolution have one of, or maybe even the highest, attendance of any team in the league. The owner (Tommy) called me after I blasted them on Facebook. He explained it was the city of Allen and the Allen Event Center that caused the move. They (Texas Revolution) were treated horribly by both entities. I won't go into any details but I am on board with the move now. He invited me up anytime, except this Wednesday to look at where my new seats will be.
  12. I have been a season ticket holder ever since they were the Texas Wranglers. I have already purchased my season tickets for next year. Now I want a REFUND!!! http://www.allentalk.com/
  13. The German Deli http://www.germandeli.com/ has a lot of "real" German food.
  14. I love their green beans! I have not had their fries in years. I like their red beans & rice too....but sometimes you only get 3 or 4 beans....just bean soup and rice.
  15. They built a new Burger King next to Taco Bueno on Ave K. I don't think it's open yet. It's just north of Parker & Ave K. Didn't know there was a Popeye's going in closer. I always had to go to the one on 14th street or 15th street. Love me some Popeye's!
  16. Just stop it now. We do NOT have the largest high school football stadium in the USA. Mesquite Memorial is larger. I think Plano Clark Field is a little larger or about the same. Also, until a few of years again we were NOT the largest high school in Texas. Plano East and Plano Sr. held that title for many years. If you start saying thinks that are not true, no one will believe anything else you say. It will just sound like sour grapes.
  17. Looks like is will be more competition for Main Event...not Allen Bowl.
  18. Here's the Allen American story on it: http://starlocalmedia.com/allenamerican/news/total-wine-making-moves-for-village-at-allen-location/article_e896871c-7511-11e6-ae0d-ef7838d18419.html
  19. That would be a good location for a Central Market. They may do it.
  20. Big disappointment for HEB fans. NONE of the Sun Fresh stores will be HEB. A few may become Central Markets. http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2016/08/16/heb-brand-stores-not-included-in-companys-north-texas-expansion/
  21. GREAT place to eat. I go there at least 2-3 times a month! Never disappointed!!!
  22. Really?!? It has not been there that long.
  23. My wife uses Dr. Morgan and absolutely loves him. She's been going to him for several years.
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