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  1. I run that trail quite frequently, but usually early morning. Thanks for the heads-up.
  2. No power glitches here in South Allen. West of 75 right off of Bethany
  3. I ate there last night with my wife and son. Highly recommended. I have traveled extensively in Japan. So, when I walked in and was greeted by a (loud) chorus of "Ohayo gozaimas", which is very standard in Japan. It means something along the lines of "hello and welcome". A similar goodby is chorused when you leave. So, don't be alarmed! The food was excellent, with generous portions. We had a simple sushi appetizer (Tuna sushi, salmon belly sushi, and california roll). The portions were large, the fish was fresh and flavorful, and the rice was excellent. They offer a number of traditional Japanese dishes. I had a Tempura Udon bowl. The tempura was crispy and light, and the udon noodles perfectly cooked. My wife and son had different dishes, all were top-notch. The Miso soup is highly recommended. Not too sweet like some other area restaurants. Their menu has a very good selection of Sake, and even some Shoju (Japanese vodka). It is also a full bar, and they have a small but decent wine menu, along with beer - including a number of Japanese brews. $72 for the three of us, with the wife having a nice glass of wine with her meal but no dessert. A tad on the expensive side, but with fresh ingredients expertly prepared, we will be going back. -Rastilon
  4. Bank of the Ozarks at the corner of Watters and Bethany. This only a couple of months after the Bank of Texas, located right next door, was robbed. The article on the front page of the Allen American is very short on details. Sounds like a getaway car was ditched in the development to the West, just like the previous robbery. Has anyone heard more details? Are there other links to these two crimes?
  5. Try the CareNow urgent care facility on McDermott, just East of Alma. Walk-in available. I think my kids sports physicals were $19.
  6. I just had some tile work done by New Era, this week. They were prompt, courteous, fair, and did excellent work. http://newerarepairs.com/
  7. rastilon


    We are regulars. Very good food at reasonable prices. Nice atmosphere, and we like supporting the local non-chain restaurants. The lobster ravioli is excellent, and your basic spaghetti and lasagna choices are very tasty. Stuffed mushrooms are a good appetizer, and I agree that the calamari is very good. -Rastilon
  8. Thank you both for your recommendation. I have contacted Gymco for a bid.
  9. Does anyone have a recommendation for some in-home tile repair? I have 4-5 damaged tiles that I would like to have replaced. I already have the replacement tiles available. Thanks in advance.
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