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  1. Happened again yesterday. Package showed as delivered on 08.26.2014. Just saw my mail man stick it in the box.
  2. Well it happened again. 2 packages scheduled for delivery on Saturday. Both show delivered and neither were in my mailbox. I bet money they arrive today.
  3. I agree with most of the posts. I am even ok with a random lost or late delivered parcel, due to the sure volume the USPS delivers. However, I have had constant problems with the Allen post office especially the carrier I have now. I receive a lot of packages, maybe 5-10 per week; I'd say 50% are marked as deliver and then actually delivered days later. I also have at least have 1 lost package per month. I now ONLY ship expensive items via UPS or FedEx. I can also promise you that my carrier, at least to me, acts like he does not speak any English. In each encounter I have NEVER lost my cool and have always been very polite.
  4. Does anyone else have issues with the Allen Post Office? I go days without getting mail, then the box will be stuffed. The driver marks packages as delivered and then they don't show up until days later. I also experience lost packages (happens at least twice a month). I've contacted USPS consumer affairs, spoke to the manager at the Allen Post; he is EXTEREMLY rude. Nothing has been done, last quote from the Allen Post Master was "Listen buddy, if we find the package we'll deliver it". This is a nightmare that I have been fighting for 5 years since moving to Allen. My postal carrier doesn't even speak English, I've tried talking to him. I spoke to several of my neighbors or friends who also live in Allen and they expressed the same issues. At this point I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions.
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