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  1. I think this sounds like a very cool thing. I'm excited for it and hope it happens. Not only is it another draw for the community - but it helps celebrate north Texas diversity - which is just great. I'm not super stoked about the additional build out factor. But, that ship sailed long ago. Are there any legitimate negatives that anyone is aware of?
  2. Thanks everyone. Used AB and they were great.
  3. Anyone know what those are? I was thinking water storage but there's an existing water tower right there.
  4. We've just bought a new home in McKinney and will need some help moving the big items. Any recommendations for a moving crew? Thanks in advance.
  5. Great! That will certainly relieve some congestion. I would support widening the access road through that stretch (if that's not already being addressed).
  6. It's certainly not my area of expertise - but I hope planners seriously consider the traffic implications of development in that area.
  7. My wife and I went about a week ago. Found the experience to be pleasant enough. Food, service, and environment was pretty good. I just always put this kind of thing into context. There are, arguably, a bunch of above-average mexican food places within a twenty minute radius. IMO, the competition is tough. We've got lots of choices. In that context I though Mesa was about average, my first time in there. We'll try it again to give it a fair chance. And, we agree with the above poster. Their house table salsa is mediocre at best. For many, that alone is a deal breaker.
  8. I saw it coming. She's had great organization and a bunch of motivated individuals working their butts off to mobilize people to get out and VOTE.
  9. Well, that was interesting. I thought Naomi Emmett did well but that Terrell brought the "I'm not running for mayor, I AM Mayor" edge to that as we might expect from the incumbent. As far as the council seat 2 candidates, I thought all three did well. However, there was a concise, no nonsense laser-focus attitude coming from Tabassum Ahmad that I find attractive in leadership. She also happened to have one or two policy positions that spoke to me on a personal level. Not saying my mind is made up, but I thought she was strong relative to Carl and Shirley.
  10. 10-4, friend. You made your case and I have heard you. The rules are the rules and that's important to you. I respect that. I'm more interested in things that really matter and affect me and my family and community: Like which candidate is going to support my freedom and liberty to have solar panels on my roof regardless of if they can be seen or which direction the panels might face.
  11. To be fair, this strikes me as an honest mistake and not at all the kind of thing that would discount her from receiving my support/vote. I'm interested in the substantive views and positions of each candidate.
  12. Here are links to Tabassum Ahmad's website and Facebook page: https://www.tabassumforallen.com/about https://www.facebook.com/TabassumForAllen/ I met her at a meet and greet and found her to be sharp, articulate, and engaged.
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