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  1. Notice! We have had 4 different vehicles so far this morning to present come off the 75 exit with blown tires, broken rims, or even 4 blown tires! They are coming off the North bound Allen Drive exit ramp from 75 and into our Allen Car Care Center parking lot. Best information I'm getting collectively from the drivers is there is a real bad pot-hole or "crack" on the far right lane just before, on or just after the 75 bridge over McDermott. Just wanted to share for everyone's safety to avoid there! I will alert the city as well... Be safe, be well. Bob @ Allen Car Care Center...
  2. I have used them in the past. This one is not as large as some but nevertheless has a lot of helpful everyday repair items and everyone was helpful. Been there for some anchor bolts to secure new auto racks with our expansion.
  3. We have had more than eleven blessed years here in Allen Tx helping folks with their car maint. and repairs. ACCC is tripling capacity/size at the same location within the same building. I am looking for bids for interior remodeling work. If you know of a company you would recommend or have experience working with, please send them our way. Thank you, Allen and surrounding cities residents! Bob....972-390-2271 Mon.-Friday, 8-6 (closed weekends for church and family).
  4. Thank you Mrs. Tex and Debbie for the recommendation of our Allen Car Care Center shop. As an added comment and having been in business for 9+ years here in Allen, you hear "things" about different businesses. Of all the years working this area I have heard nothing but positive comments from the public of Allen Automotive. I feel they are, as we a reputable, honest group.
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