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  1. What is your opinion of this? President Trump brags that his administration has "found the magic wand" for U.S. manufacturing on the same day GM announced plant closures and layoffs. GM is not the only US company to be hurt by Trump's tariffs. A number of smaller companies have already laid off workers due to the tariffs, and Boeing, Caterpillar, Coca-Cola and General Electric have also suffered. Is Trump really doing a good job for the American economy?
  2. Boop

    Air Fryer

    Sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation. I'm really trying to get away from the oil fryer. Besides the calories it's a pain to clean.
  3. I went to Yummy Burgers & BBQ yesterday and placed a take out order. The burgers were very good ( fresh meat was definitely used.) They cooked it perfectly as requested; one burger was "medium " and one was "medium rare". The onion rings are huge and very crispy and the fries were excellent; crispy and delicious. I asked for them "well done" since I was taking them home and most of the time won't eat fries from take out since they get soggy on the way home. We will definitely go back and try the beef ribs. I have attached a coupon from Allen Online and you can also see their website from here. http://allentexascoupons.com/Coupons1/YummyBurgersandBBQ.html
  4. Boop

    Air Fryer

    If anyone owns an "air fryer" please give a review. I have been debating purchasing one and giving up the electric oil fryer. All the commercials I see make the food look as good and taste as good as fried food. I don't want to spend the money if this is bogus. Please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Sam Johnson should have retired years ago. I am always amazed that he keeps getting reelected.
  6. Boop


    I have just had some work done by a few Allen Online advertisers and wanted to give them a mini review. O'Bryan Plumbing - the guys were professional, courteous and very perseverant. There was a problem with my bathroom faucet and they tried very hard to save me money and not replace the faucet(s) but to no avail. They also changed the values under the sunk and a few other odd plumbing jobs. Text Best Stain- our fence was damaged during one of the hail storms. They power washed it, changed a broken board and stained it. The fence looks great and my yard was in perfect shape after the job was finished. Thanks Allen Online. I know that when I use any one of your advertisers that I am going to get honest, reliable, affordable service!
  7. Boop

    Post office

    I have a P.O. Box and receive business checks. They are always putting my mail into the wrong box and I often get mail/checks that were open and then forwarded back to me. It has often taken 2 weeks to get a check that my clients mailed me. When I discussed this with them at the post office they basically just laughed and said there wasn't anything they could do about it.
  8. My grandson goes to Cornerstone School Allen and the school, staff, owners and curriculum is fantastic. He is so advanced for his age. They advertise here on Allen Online. I really suggest you try them out. I have put a link to their ad. http://allenonline.com/neighbor-reviews/c/cornerstone-school-allen
  9. We have used David from New ERA Remodeling & Repairs to do a variety of things in our house. I know he can do this. We originally found him here on Allen Online and he has so many great recommendations. Here's a link to his information. http://allenonline.com/neighbor-reviews/n/new-era-remodling-a-repairs
  10. I had someone come out today ( a foundation person) and it seems that the tile problem is just poor installation. This had been told to me before but I felt I needed to have the foundation checked out. I was shown an area on one side of the house and the garage where they suggest I need 7 piers. I will be calling at least one more foundation person.
  11. Recently we have had a number of our floor tiles crack. I don't know if this is a sign of a foundation problem. Six years ago we have a foundation engineer do a report on the foundation and everything looked fine at that time. I realize that was some time ago. I'd appreciate some feedback as well as the name of a reputable foundation company that I can call. Thanking you in advance!
  12. A few years ago we used O'Bryan Plumbing to replace our water heater. My friend went with Amstal Plumbing and they replaced 2 heaters and went water-less. A co-worker told me he just got a quote from Anything Plumbing and was going with them. We all were happy with our choices. All of my friends try to use the businesses who advertise here on Allen Online. Why don't you call a few of them and get a quote? http://allenonline.com/business-categories/plumbing
  13. We have used Duck Fence and were very happy with the quality and price. Our fence was done almost 4 years ago and it still looks great and has held up very well. The owners are Allen residents and have done many fences in the community. They advertise here on Allen Online. I have attached their information. http://allenonline.com/neighbor-reviews/d/duck-fence-a-deck
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